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Encompass a wide array of flowery plants with net like veins including dollar weed, Florida pusley, spurge, oxalis and asiatic hawksbeard. Is a common turf disease which can occur throughout the year, however severe outbreaks occur during fall and early winter when daytime temperatures range between 75 — 85 degrees, night temperatures fall below 68, and humidity is high causing the presence of free moisture on the foliage for extended periods of time. Can be found anywhere outside including shrub beds, middle of the lawn, inside potted plants and along sidewalks and driveways. Shaded lawns that hold excessive moisture are most susceptible, but it may be found in full sun areas as well.

Sedge generally grows much taller than grass and therefore take away from the aesthetic of the lawn. Common Grassy Weeds in Florida include Crabgrass, Alexander Grass, Torpedo Grass, and Common Bermuda Grass.
If you have a lawn service, ask them to mow the affected area last, so that the clippings are not spread throughout the lawn. Control measures are costly and labor intensive, therefore most lawn and pest control companies do not offer Crabgrass control.

Areas that dry out prematurely such as along driveways and sidewalks are common areas where damage begins. As a premium service company, Heron offers Crabgrass control with our all inclusive lawn program.

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