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Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures that are generally only seen during the day if there is a high population. There are many species of cockroaches, a few of the most common ones are the German, American, Australian, Brownbanded, Oriental and Smokybrown.
These cockroaches can be found in Australia and can carry diseases such Salmonella and gastro. Cockroaches can be found in the kitchen, roof voids, subfloor voids, warehouses, food stores, bakeries, restaurants, hospitals, factories, garages, sheds, around drains and under leaf litter or bark litter outside. Cockroaches contaminate foods and food preparation areas with droppings, casts skins, empty egg cases, dead cockroaches, vomit and odors caused by abdominal secretions. A very high level of sanitation and hygiene, which will reduce the food and shelter available to the cockroaches.
We Professional Pest Management Services are one of the leading organization in delivering excellent Pest Management Services. Ensuring safety and security of human beings and animals has been our prior concern in manufacturing Pest Control Products.

Green Dragon represents that unlike other pesticides the composition is blend of pure natural essential oils acknowledged by environmental protection agency as safe killer. Cockroaches can be seen predominately in kitchens and in bathrooms but as the infestation worsens, they can be seen throughout the home.
Cockroaches require a specific plan of treatment and sanitation to achieve success in killing cockroaches.
Once your have got rid of your cockroach infestation, an ultrasonic cockroach repeller will stop them coming back!
Many kitchen environments can provide all year round warmth, food and shelter which may support literally thousands of cockroaches. We are dedicated to solving Pest Problems while meeting the new environmental challenge to ensure that we provide you with Preventative and Curative method to treat infestation and to ensure that there are No Undesirable Pests, No Excessive Pesticide Residues, No Re-infestation and No Adverse Ecological effect. The product is a minimum risk pest control product & qualifies for exemption from any registration from any organization. We have the best Toronto Exterminators who have the highest success in killing cockroaches in Toronto.

We carry do it yourself cockroach products such as Pro Bug-X and other insecticidal products. Whether you need one time service, a monthly pest management plan or a home protection plan; we have all the options for killing cockroaches.
Cockroach control is a major problem in apartment buildings, condominiums, restaurants and retail locations. These include integrated pest management strategies including monitoring, organic and chemical methods of cockroach control. Our technicians will then select appropriate control procedures including both chemical and non-chemical methods.

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