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Trap a Roach Cockroach Combat Bait Foot Mat Sticky Glue Non Toxic Safe No Poisonous Chemical Convenient Resistant Bait Stations, Pack of 3 Pcs. As we know that, we cannot guess the movement direction of cockroaches which live inside our house. Attach the bait sachet at the middle of glue tray by turning the transparent side of sachet up.
It's recommended to place Hoy Hoy Trap-A-Roach in several locations wherever cockroaches frequently pass by.

For more effectiveness to lure cockroach, keep away food, leftover or tightly close food container. Each cockroach trap can be used up to 3-4 weeks if not getting wet or exposing to sunlight.
For more effective trapping, place the trap along the corners, hidden area or where cockroaches pass by due to the fact that cockroach behavior mostly moves along the corners. In the assembly of the cockroach trap, it can be adjustable into 2 directions to be the high-rised roof or the low-rised roof in order to suit your trapping locations.

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