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In the battle against fleas, it is important to use an approach that controls these biting insects on pets as well as in the animal's environment. They feed on flea feces (commonly referred to as flea dirt), which is largely composed of undigested blood.
Once you have located the flea hot spots, it is a good idea to vacuum, concentrating where you know fleas are present. You may also want to consider an experienced pest control service to treat your home for fleas. To control fleas on pets, use a dip, spray, shampoo, or dust that contains a labeled insecticide, such as permethrin or carbaryl. There are several species of fleas, but cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) and dog fleas (Ctenocephalides canine) are the species commonly found in your home and your yard. Beneficial nematodes, microscopic round worms that kill grubs and other yard pests, are also a safe and effective way to control fleas in your yard.

Many homeowners eradicate fleas in their home and on their pets, only to have a re-infestation soon after because they didn’t attack the yard as well.
Flea larvae don’t like light and adult fleas will lay eggs beneath all kinds of debris, including leaves and furniture.
It is available at garden centers and is a completely natural treatment that kills fleas in your home and your yard.
The safest flea treatments for your yard are either beneficial nematodes or diatomaceous earth, which are both all natural flea treatments that are non-toxic to pets, humans and plants. The crushed pieces of fossilized diatoms are razor sharp and when the fleas contact these, it kills them by causing them to dry out. Their rapid rate of reproduction makes fleas extremely difficult to eradicate from your home and yard. A flea’s life cycle varies from a couple of weeks to months, depending on factors such as species, humidity, food and temperature.

Fleas breed heavily where your pets rest and tend to be most problematic during the spring and early summer. No matter which option you choose, it may take several applications to control fleas in your yard. Cleaning up the flea havens in your yard not only makes them more likely to find somewhere safer to hide, it exposes the fleas to whatever treatment you choose, which makes your efforts to eradicate them more effective. Sprinkle the areas of your yard that your pet frequents most, and in sandy areas or those with potential hiding places for fleas, such as under the deck or furniture. The fleas, attracted by the warmth and movement as you walk, will jump to your feet and ankles.

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