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Centipede Grass is a low, medium textured, slow growing, but aggressive grass that can produce a dense, attractive, weed-free turf.
It was first introduced into the United States in 1916 from seed collected by Frank N.
Its popularity as a lawn grass stems from its adaptation to low fertility conditions and its low maintenance requirements. Centipede grass does not enter a true dormant state during winter months and is severely injured by intermittent cold and warm periods during spring. Centipede is the ideal grass for the homeowner who wants a fairly attractive lawn that needs little care. Centipede lawns may be overseeded in the fall with a cool-season grass to create a temporary green lawn over the winter. Proper cultural factors to encourage centipedegrass root growth will lessen nematode stress.

According to university studies, it is best to wait at least one month before fertilizing newly placed centipede sod.
In mature centipedegrass lawns (3 or more years old) problem areas sometimes appear in the spring and grow worse throughout the summer. Symptoms: Centipede decline is descriptive of the problem as the grass gradually deteriorates and is replaced by weeds or other invassive grasses.
Control: Cultural practices provide the most effective means of preventing centipede decline. Where Centipedegrass is adapted and properly managed, it has few serious pest problems. Centipede does not require much fertilizer or mowing, and compared to other lawn grasses, is generally resistant to most insects and diseases. These are microscopic worms that attack grass roots and cause the lawn to thin and eventually die.

Centipedegrass has since become widely grown in the southeastern United States from S. Mowing height does not provide absolute control, but reduces the potential for centipede decline.
Since centipede produces only surface runners, it is easily controlled around borders of flower beds and walks. The grass may be dead in the center of the discolored area with often dark green, leaves radiating into the healthy grass.
Centipedegrass is native to China and southeast Asia and ranks between Bermudagrass and St.

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