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Hot water, cedar oil, orange oil, essential oils of every description, paraffin and extra virgin olive oil are all natural remedies for killing bed bugs.
Some volatile compounds in cedar oil are similar to some compounds used by insects for chemical communication. Cedar Oil products are good for revenue generation but are really very ineffective products im my opinion.
Good hygiene practice will definitely help keep the bugs at bay but be sure to inspect rooms thoroughly and regularly for signs of bed bugs such as spotting.

Alternatively, heat treatment will eradicate all bed bugs in one hit, without the need to go searching for each and every little blood sucker or leaving any residues. I have seen that a lot of hobbyists are using neem oil to get rid of their garden and plant pests and was wondering if it would also work with the cockroaches, bed bugs and the likes.
However, one component of Neem Oil is Azadirachtin which is chemically active against a wide range of insects.
Bed bugs are so cryptic that professionals don’t get always get all of them first time around with the chemicals we use that act with both contact and residual effects.

However, what their business is actually unpinned with is not the oil, many things give a contact kill, but the training they give their staff.

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