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Termites are often known as hidden threats because they can damage homes from the inside, sometimes with few external signs of damage. Regular home inspections from a termite specialist can help identify signs of termite activity and structural damage. Flying ants have narrow waists and bent antennas and often are mistaken for swarming termites. Subterranean termites create a distinctive honeycomb pattern in damaged wood, forming tunnels inside the softer spring wood and leaving the external grain intact.
With their smaller colony size, drywood termites typically cause slower, less severe damage than subterranean termites.
For those that own recreational real estate in Ontario, every summer can be an intense battle against Carpenter Ants at the cottage.
If you have damp or decaying wood inside your cottage, expect the carpenter ants to show up and set up house. Another way to tell if an ant colony has set up inside of your cottage is to watch the worker ants when they are carrying food.

Finally, another sure sign that the ants have already moved in are small deposits of sawdust inside the cottage. Once you have found the nest and destroyed it, you must replace the rotten wood that was so attractive to the ants. Carpenter Ant Control There are over 900 species of carpenter ants worldwide, 50 of which are in the U.S and are considered among the most troublesome ants found in and around homes. Based on inspection findings, a termite expert can customize a treatment plan to specifically target areas of your home that are most susceptible to activity. Carpenter ants may or may not have wings, and those with wings tend to have the same basic characteristics as other flying ants. Seriously damaged wood breaks easily to show the inside of mud- or soil-filled termite galleries. Drywood termite damage often is first identified by the piles of small, hard fecal pellets the termites leave behind, called frass. If you see a lot of Carpenter ants flying around the cottage in the early spring, chances are, there is already a nest in your home.

You should also place the traps around the outside of your recreational home where you suspect the carpenter ants entering the house.
If the colony has been there for many years and the entire cottage is in bad shape, you will just have to try to battle the ants each year or build a new cottage. Above all, be vigilant, if you see some ants starting to make your home their home, it is time to take action. The wood damage they cause can be compared to that of termites, but can be distinguished by its clean and sand-papered appearance. It is important to remember to replenish the bait in the spot that the ants appear to be feeding on it. Unless it is a short winter and then you will see the ants appear earlier in the spring (no danger of that this year!).

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