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The damage is not the result of an invasion of swarming Carpenter Ants, but rather from the proliferation of well-established colonies and satellite colonies in walls and adjacent trees, shrubs and bushes. Carpenter Ants chip out wood in order to make a nest inside of walls, beams, sills and joists in a house.
Carpenter ants set up satellite colonies in the walls, sub floors and void spaces in our homes. The ant goes through 4 stages of growth (egg, larvae, pupae and adult) until it becomes a foraging adult.
This will not only kill the ants but also destroy their chemical trail thus preventing other ants from following the trail.

Since Carpenter Ants multiply in geometric progression, it does not take long for a full-blown infestation to develop.
To do this, one could either find the sawdust that is formed when the ants eat through their tunnels, or follow the ant trail and locate the entrance. It could be made by pouring a syrup that the ants love into a saucer and sprinkling the boric acid around it. To prevent ant infestation, it is also advised to keep the surrounding clean and seal all the ant entrance holes in the area. Once the nest is found, the ant treatment should be selected depending on where it is located.

In extreme cases however, it is advised to seek a professional exterminator’s help to get rid of the ants. In addition to that, sprinkle deterring odors such as crushed mint leaves or cloves on areas where the ants have infested.

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