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A large group of Pavement Ants feeding on green Protein based Gel Bait applied in flooring gap. Most people try to kill carpenter ants by themselves but they are very resilient and can have many colonies established across your property. Pestend Pest Control Toronto specializes in complete ant extermination services in Toronto and the greater Toronto area.
All our ant control services are backed by an industry leading 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee, which ensures that we will solve your ant infestation problem or we will refund your money.
The following guide is a detailed guide on exterminating ants from your house or commercial property.
If after spraying all the ant spots that you found, the ant problem persists, you should contact a Pestend ant control technician to analyze your property and give you a low ant extermination quote. Our professional ant control services are available across Southern Ontario, including ant Control Toronto, ant Control Mississauga, Brampton, ant Control Richmond Hill, ant Control Newmarket, ant Control Oakville, Scarborough, Oakville, Vaughan, Peterborough, as well as a multitude of other towns and cities in Southern Ontario. Length: Lengths vary from 6-12 mm for worker ants to at least 25 mm (one inch) for queen ants. One of our largest and most common ants, Carpenter Ants feed on a great number of pests and are considered helpful insects in their natural habitat. Their colonies are made up of different ant castes (for example, larvae and pupa, worker ants, reproductive adults and a queen). Indoors, carpenter ants prefer to establish nests in places where slight humidity or dampness has softened wood.
These ants search for food far away from their nests and can invade a building structure anytime of the year. Carpenter ants are not wood eaters, but chew through wood, leaving behind insect frass similar to the look of sawdust.
We understand that even ants can become a nuisance, and to that end we offer an outstanding guarantee on our work and a free estimate we feel separates us from the competition. Ant Control Products So, you have an ant problem and you need to know how to get rid of ants. The worker ants not only feed themselves but also carry the bait to the Ants in the colony.
All ants live in large groups or colonies consisting of hundreds of workers, a few reproductive males and females as well as at least one queen. Monitoring may be most effective at night as this is when the ants are most active, leaving the nest to search for food.

Our ant control services are backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee and our Low Price Guarantee.
Our ant exterminators use proven and time tested procedures to completely exterminate all ants in your home or commercial property. They are designed to completely exterminate all ants from your residential or commercial property.
Carpenter ants are the most common in Toronto for example and we have developed a solution which completely exterminates all carpenter ants from your property. It will cost you less to hire a professional carpenter ant exterminator from Pestend then to try to eliminate the ant problem yourself. If we are not able to completely exterminate all carpenter ants from your property we will re-treat the area again. Our services are convenient and our ant extermination experts are flexible to meet your busy schedule.
If left untreated ants can multiply very quickly and be harder to exterminate, so the faster you act the lower the ant control price will be. Finding all the areas is crucial since if you miss an area the ants will re-multiply and infest your home again.
Click on your city in the map above to request a free ant control quote and to schedule an ant exterminator to come and solve your ant problems today.
Carpenter ants get their name from their habit of excavating galleries inside wood and keeping these galleries meticulously clean and finely finished.
Winged reproductive adult carpenter ants (alates) swarm away from a developed colony later in the spring or in early summer. These pupae emerge into worker ants that look after the queen and create a larger colony for fresh eggs when this cycle occurs again in the middle of the summer.
This behaviour is also seen in other species like the Acrobat, Thief and the Little Black ant which all nest in rotting wood and produce insect frass.
As your favoured ant exterminator Toronto professional, we make it our business to provide professional, reliable and prompt relief to our Toronto clients when they are being bothered by infestations. Understanding the pest you’re up against is important when it comes to ants, so here are a few interesting and fun facts you can ponder while we look after getting rid of these pests.
Since the bait takes a few hours to kill an Ant, the entire colony gets to feed on the bait. Some helpful facts to remember when monitoring for carpenter ants are that they tend to follow a definite trail and they make rustling sounds while in their nests which can be heard if the surrounding area is quiet.

Noticing a swarm of carpenter ants performing mating flights may be an early warning sign of a problem. All carpenter ants start out as minor workers with mandible and head sizes proportionate to the body. The diet of the carpenter ant consists of various plants and insects and sometimes human food. Advance Carpenter Ant Bait is the number one product specially formulated for killing carpenter ants.
Shortly after, the male dies and the single fertilized queen ant finds a suitable nesting place to lay eggs and begin a new colony. If damage is minor or removal of the wood is not possible, use a high suction vacuum to remove the ants. Carpenter ants rarely destroy the wood structure, although establishing several satellite nests in the wood can cause serious damage.
Noticing carpenter ant activity inside a building in the winter will indicate the existence of a nest usually near an inside wall or other warm location. In order to keep the nest clean, carpenter ants eject waste from insects and other material through the nest opening which can bring attention to the nesting site itself. Any wooden areas (porch, tree, veranda, step, door, etc.) which become moist are vulnerable to carpenter ant attack. To understand Toronto ant control you must realize, as the ant colony matures, some of the pupae emerge into major workers.
To avoid freezing while overwintering, these insects concentrate a substance in the blood similar to the commercial antifreeze, ethylene glycol. The worker ant finds an entry route by gnawing a clean tunnel parallel to the wood grain wherever a crack or crevice exists. The colony continues to mature for about three to six years during which 3,000 or more calendar ants can exist and, in some cases, produce as many as 400 adult ants or alates that may swarm from the nest to disperse to other colonies during the spring and fall of each year.
At first, the colony is small, however, in later years the population can increase to 2000-3000 ants.
Usually during the night, minor and major carpenter ants both travel a distance of at least 100 meters from the nest searching for food, while only about ten percent of other colony workers will forage for food at once.

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