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Although you can’t eliminate an entire Bedbug¬†infestation in your home this way, the answer is YES… You CAN kill bedbugs in Your Dryer! Bed Bugs in Phoenix metro areas are becoming a more common problem because they spread so easily.
Delivering Pest Control in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Maricopa AZ and the Greater Phoenix Valley. Although some results differ, exposing bed bugs for about an hour to 113 degrees should do the trick. One home remedy I can agree with and should provide you with at least some relief is to use your vehicle to rid your luggage or other smaller belonging of bed bugs.
With world wide travel made so much easier and people moving from city to city with ease the bed bugs have come back with a vengeance.

Hair dryers are regulated to stay under 140 degrees as that is the temperature which can burn your skin.
On a warm day the temperature in your car can quickly rise to 120 degrees and stay that high (or higher) for several hours.
By putting your suit case or other items in a sealed plastic bag and inside the vehicle your almost assured of 100% mortality. Steam, freezing and heat seem to be the front runners and the machines to deliver them go from the complex to very simple. The obvious problem is the time needed to deliver the heat and the fact that you can only do small areas to sustain the temperature needed. Not surprisingly New York is commonly referred to as the bed bug capital of the world due in large part to the many travelers who go in and out on business or vacation.

In true do it yourself style people are searching for low cost answers to rid themselves of this hard to kill invader because these methods are very expensive.
The bed bugs aren’t likely to stick around the area once you start so the likelihood of successful eradication seems remote. It is the goal of this site to inform you with his keen insights and safely guide you through your pest control treatment needs.

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