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The male black widow’s abdomen is more elongated than that of the female, with white and red markings on its sides. The black widow’s range is from Massachusetts to Florida and west to California, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. The bite of the female black widow spider may not always be felt at first and besides slight local swelling, there is usually little evidence of a lesion. You can download Bed Bugs How To Get Rid Of Them Home Remedies in your computer by clicking resolution image in Download by size:. If you do not agree that Demon WP is the best spider control product you have ever used, keep the unused portion and we will credit your account for the full purchase price plus freight.
The female’s abdomen is almost spherical, usually with a red hourglass mark below or with 2 transverse red marks separated by black. Although they can be found in almost every state (and some portions of Canada), this spider is most common in the Southern locales of the United States.

Black widow spiders are common around wood piles, and are frequently encountered when homeowners carry firewood into the house.
Black widow bites are sharp and painful, and the victim should go to the doctor immediately for treatment. They reach maturity in 10 to 12 months and can survive long periods of time without food or water. The female is the most easily recognized, her shiny black body giving great contrast to the red hourglass marking on her round abdomen. The female wraps any captured prey with her silk, repeatedly turning her victim with her legs as she applies more silk. After mating, the female sometimes eats the male (remember, she only has to mate once in her life), earning the name "widow." During the period shortly following mating and laying of eggs, the female black widow can be a little cranky and hungry.
A typical bite area may resemble a pimple, postule or blister formation within six to 12 hours later.

Calcium gluconate is used intravenously to relieve and relax muscle spasms produced by black widow venom. The surrounding tissue begins to darken, is irregular in shape with sharply raised edges resulting in a sunken area which may be several centimeters in diameter. The female black widow is most often found hanging upside down in her web, where she spends most of her daytime hours. Often there is a systemic reaction within 24-36 hours characterized by restlessness, fever, chills, nausea, weakness, and joint pain.
They are large, robust, hairy, and therefore they can be distinguished from the brown recluse.

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