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Bed bugs can be a real pain, literally, and you will want to take steps to get rid of them as quick as possible and keep them from coming back. The most basic and easiest solution is to simply throw your mattress and box spring away, conduct a thorough cleaning of your room with an emphasis on vacuuming and throw all your bedding in the washer and dryer on high heat. Use home remedies such as alcohol solutions on suspect areas where you see any bugs at all and get some repellent products asap. They are usually very affordable and you can set up a good time to have them come in, inspect, treat and come back on a regular basis.

This means high heat if possible, definitely use non-toxic sprays and remedies that chase them off and use repellents if you have some or can get them quickly. If you live somewhere warm, set your mattress and box spring in the sun and toss a black trash bag over them.
You may consider using bug bombs but those usually aren’t necessary for this particular pest. This may have to be done a few days in a row and you might want to just leave your stuff outside for a while to be sure.

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