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You can try to destroy spiders with the help of sprays based on boric acid and chlorpyrifos. Some insects cannot bear the smell of lavender, tansy, vinegar, yeast, parsley, onion, garlic, mint and tarragon.
If you are tired of getting rid of these insects and want to find a really working natural way to kill spiders, try to make repairs.
If you see that all your measures haven’t been successful and the question how to kill wolf spiders isn’t solved, you can call special service which destroys such insects.
Human’s house is the best choice, as it attracts other insects that can become prey for spiders.
They are “residents” and need to be killed as fast as possible as they can spawn extremely quickly. Remember that wooden articles like window-sills can have cracks with time because of temperature changes and weather.
The thing is that wolf spiders like any other spiders live in places where they can find food.

They are less effective than chemicals but you can use them if the number of spiders isn’t large. As a rule, they feed on flies, cockroaches, moths, ants, pincher bugs and never do any harm to human beings.
So, those ones who have to live with ‘unpleasant’ neighbors have to look for methods and tips on how to get rid of small spiders. All you need is to place them under beds, wardrobes, sofas and another furniture where these little monsters can hide at day.
If the baseboards and windows have cracks, buy silicone sealant and fill all the holes through which spiders get into your home. Moreover, you can get sick as microorganisms spread extremely fast in the rooms with frowst air. These creatures feed on other insects including ants, flies, pincher bugs, moths and so on. Theses spiders jump well and they will not take much effort to get into your house by taking a spring onto a window-sill.

You can try to kill them with the help of a slipper but you will not succeed much if their number is too big. You can soothe pain and reduce other unpleasant feelings by applying backing soda or some toothpaste on the bite.
There can be different reasons of this phenomenon (long-lasting rainy weather or too strong heat, for instance). Yes, you can be sure that using special chemicals you will not see a spider in your house within several days but spiders often come back in a while.
If you don’t want to resort to chemicals in the fight against these insects, use one of the best natural exterminators – vacuum cleaner.

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