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Numerous places have been used for nest sites, including places you would not think would be used. Standing and observing the activity of the workers coming and going will eventually reveal the entrance to the nest site. The next photographs, below, I was lucky to find a nest site entrance as I was just watching some birds on a river bank when I saw a couple of workers and just chanced my arm to see if a nest was nearby.
I cleared away the vegetation to reveal the nest site entrance, which I replaced after taking the photographs .
More unusual places have been found such as a rolled up carpet, a disused chair, artifical bumblebee nest boxes, under a lawnmower, under an upturned sink, in a coal heap, a disused robins nest, an old cushion, lagging on a water pipe, under upturned flower pots, the pocket of a fur coat and an old fishing net filled with wadding!

I had them nest in a blue tit box 5 foot high hanging from a wooden fence, (above), inside the gnarled trunk of a large buddelia bush, in a pile of feathers from a pillow case next to a compost heap and another in my compost heap. You would think that with such a huge and diverse range of nest sites used by queens, the opportunity would be there for many more such sites to be used.
Different species have different requirements, searching different areas to find their chosen nest site. For this nest I opened the two windows fully to allow them access when the door was closed. If I closed one window and watched, the bumblebees simply turned around and tried to use the same window again.

Ultimately the success or failure for our bumblebee populations may well depend upon the supply of spring time nectar and pollen. Many young queens and their success or failure in selecting a nest site, depends upon a spring time floral resource.

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