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Among the rare cases of deaths from brown recluse spider, the victims have been children below the age of seven years.
The brown recluse spider is found in the Southeastern region of the United States and the Midwestern area. Brown recluse spiders are not really aggressive by nature, and they bite only when they feel threatened or when they are pressed against the human skin. It is believed that the brown recluse spiders are usually poisonous and the probability of its venom is also as effective as that of a rattle snake.
Studies have indicated that this venomous substance secreted by the brown recluse spider is in fact, a set of enzymes. Out of this 60, only four types of spiders can actually be dangerous to human beings These are hobo or the ‘aggressive house spider’, the yellow sac spider, the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. The brown recluse spider like any other kind of spider prefers warm and dark corners and crevices to inhabit. But then realistically speaking, the brown recluse spider bite does not cause as much harm as a rattle snake. In some cases, minor sensation like burning, tingling pain or itchiness felt at the area where the spider bites. However, one may advise to get the bite checked by the doctor so that there is no room for side-effects or reactions.
It habitats in the south central part of the US and prefer hot, abandoned and dry place such as rock pile or wood. The black widow spider bite and the brown recluse spider bite are known to cause various symptoms and disorders in humans, and in rare cases, death. This exceptional feature of brown recluse spider cannot be seen, because the eyes are small; one has to keenly observe them.

In some cases, these spiders have also been found in California and Florida, these arachnids may just move to areas apart from where they dwell, through luggage and other things that these travelers carry. They are found in closets, attic, storage rooms etc and places where age-old things are kept without hardly any cleaning done like woodpiles, old, dusty shelves etc. This is because the amount of the venonmous substance is injected in much lesser amount compared to that of the brown recluse spider bite. However, other symptoms of spider bite starts happening within 2 to 8 hours from the time of the bite. While most of the spices of spiders are harmless to humans, the brown recluse spider is poisonous and its bite may cause severe symptoms including tissue damage.
The venom of these spiders do have a toxic effect on the cells and tissues of the human body. The most common one is the non-brown or the desert recluse, which is found in Texas, California.
It is also seen that the venom injected into victim’s body when the spider bites, can have an effect on the nervous system as well. Though fatalities are quite rare in this case, in young children and elderly with poor immunity, bites could be dangerous and may produce volcano lesion. Stages of Brown Recluse Spider BiteIn some severe cases, the bite undergoes several stages of damaging tissues and become fatal.
This further disrupts fat, skin and blood capillaries resulting in death of the cell (the condition is referred to as narcosis).As response to the venom, the immune system relieves inflammatory mediators like histamine, cytokine and interleukin.
The response further triggers the white blood cells to come to the site and handle the invasion. You must wear gloves, shoes, full sleeved shirts and pants while workout backyard or in veranda.

They mostly roam during nights and they prefer living in dry, dark and warm spots such as woodpile, board, rock, and wooden rack etc. If you live in region where these spiders are seen (south-central part of the United States), you must have knowledge to identify it. If you think that the bite is of brown recluse spider, you must remember tips mentioned below-Remain calm. Treatment For Brown Recluse Spider BiteAs it is very difficult to diagnose the brown recluse spider bite only based on wound’s appearance, victim’s history is the major factor to identify it.
The treatment of brown recluse spider bite depends on the amount of venom injected, time of the bite, present health problem, current medication and the allergies, if any. After diagnosing it, doctor may prescribe some lab tests such as complete blood count, electrolytes, functioning of kidneys, blood clotting factors, and urine analysis etc. Nevertheless, steroids are used in very severe cases if the bite has caused fatal conditions such as anemia, delayed blood clotting and renal failure.
In cases with complications, compromised immunity and large amount of venom injection, hospitalization may be required. Also, if the case has become complicated and necrosis has spread, the removal of dead cell (or the organ itself) is advised.

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