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Many spiders, such as the common house spider and the cellar spider, are often confused for the brown recluse. The brown recluse spider is a little different – they have only six eyes that are arranged in three pairs positioned in a semicircle at the front of their shell.
In the United States, the brown recluse spider is considered to be the most widespread and most important species of recluse spiders. The brown recluse spider naturally occurs in outdoor situations, living in piles of debris, utility boxes, wood piles, and vehicles, as well as under bark, logs and stones.
To keep brown recluse spiders and all other household pests out of your home this summer, contact Massey Services for a free pest prevention inspection.

I have dealt with most of these other bugs most of my life, so they don’t scare me, not even black widow spiders because they at least stay hidden, unlike the brown recluse that wander around at night into your bed and clothing.
And those brown recluse spiders seem to be rather populous, especially when the weather is wet. With the brown recluse, it's pretty much an ongoing battle and you don't know where they can hide. The two visual characteristics of the brown recluse are the violin shaped mark on its cephalothorax and three pairs of eyes. Many similar looking spiders will share one of those characteristics but only the brown recluse will have both features.

I just put out some all season fire ant control out on my lawn about twice a year and that takes care of them, but I hear the brown recluse are almost impossible to get rid of, even when you poison them (and I don't like using pesticides either, but when it comes to safety - I'm going to use the tools at hand). Close examination of unknown spiders is not recommended, if you suspect a brown recluse in your home please consult with a pest control expert. I decided to see if it was a brown recluse, and so I got a magnifying glass and saw the violin on its body part, and I didn’t like the tune he was playing, so I smashed him.

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