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Anyway, the Gazette reports there's been a bumper crop of box elder bugs this fall in the Capital Region. The most common misconception about these guys that I've heard is that they are stink bugs.
This entry was posted in Prairie Insects, Prairie Natural History, Prairie Photography and tagged boisea trivittata, boxelder bug, close-up photo, eastern boxelder bug, flash photography, image, insect, insect photography, insects, macro photography, Nikon R1 wireless close-up, pest, photography. To immobilize your bugs for photographing, try a shot of automobile starting fluid (ether) on a cotton ball placed in a small glass jar.Remove bug as soon as it stops moving and it will probably recover.

They swarm on the warm side of your home during the day and then crawl into cracks and crevices in your house to invade your home.A  Most die fairly quickly but the annoying scuttle across your tv screen is off-putting, to say the least!
Last week I saw 8-10 of them out on the flagstones gathered around another, definitely much deader boxelder bug, and I wondered at the time whether they were cannibalizing it.
My parents live down on the Hudson River in the Town of Bethlehem and the box elder bugs totally swarm the house when it gets warm. When I find an insect in my house rather than kill it I simply put it outside, it is wrong to kill an insect for absolutely no reason.

I like boxelder bugs particularly because they are cute, and they are more docile than carpenter ants, they don’t even hurt the environment they inhabit.

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