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Boxelder Bugs are usually only a problem during the winter, when they try to enter your house in large numbers, earning their status as a garage beetle. Don't leave food on the counter over night, most household bugs are nocturnal and come out to eat at night. Just because they don’t bite, it doesn’t make them less of a nuisance.  Boxelder bugs can enter your home in large numbers during the fall, staining curtains, walls, and other surfaces with their excrement.
During summer, boxelder bugs feed on leaves, flowers, and seedpods of boxelders and silver maples, where they do minor damage to the trees.

The best way to manage a boxelder bug problem is to prevent it by taking steps to keep them from entering your home in the first place. If you are experiencing a pest problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-878-2110, visit our website, or check out our Facebook page.
Warning signs of a winter infestation involves large numbers of these bugs on the sunny side of your home. Wet weather promotes a fungal disease which controls the population of boxelder bugs.  Since we have had a long dry spell in Wisconsin, we might see a lot of these bugs this fall.

We have also had a longer, warmer weather season this year, which has caused the boxelder bugs from the spring to mature more quickly and sprout an early second generation (see photo).  It is these second generation bugs that become a nuisance by congregating on the outsides of homes and buildings on sunny days in September and October.

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