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Bottle flies, also called blow flies, are common, large flies known for their metallic blue or green color. These flies create a buzzing sound while flying and are scavengers that feed on decaying meat or organic substances.
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If a large number of bottle flies is found inside, an indoor breeding site may have been established. To eliminate bottle flies, it is important to implement stringent sanitation measures, which include cleaning garbage containers and making sure that the lids are seated tightly. This 'liquid' is then drawn up by the fly and in so doing the insects pick up pathogenic organisms, which may collect on their bodies to be transferred on contact with other surfaces or survive passage through the gut to be deposited as fly spots. When food sources are diminished, bottle flies feed upon the nectar of these flowers in order to produce healthy eggs.

Fly spotting, produced when the insect feeds or defecates, results in rejection of contaminated farm produce, for example eggs, at point of sale.

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