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A West Bank Demerara woman and her two small sons narrowly escaped serious injury on Tuesday after a swarm of Africanised bees attacked them as they slept in an outdoor hammock. Yvonne Abrams, 32, of L’Oratoire, Canal Number One Polder, awoke to find herself and her year-old son “covered with bees”. The Abrams family said that the bees have been nesting in a next door neighbour’s ceiling for several years.
Her face still slightly swollen, Yvonne Abrams recalled that she, along with her five- year-old and one-year-old sons, was sleeping in a backyard hammock around 14:30hrs on Tuesday when the ‘killer’ bees struck.

According to their next door neighbour, Carlos Williams, Africanised bees have been living in the ceiling of his home for about 25 years. Attempts have been made in the past to remove the swarm, but they have always returned, he said. He showed Kaieteur News an area in the kitchen ceiling and in the roof behind the house where the bees have nested.
Just about a week ago, Africanised bees that are allegedly being kept by a Lamaha Park pensioner, killed four of his neighbour’s dogs.

Abrams said that they have been plagued by the swarm for several years and all of them have been stung before.

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