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This is a cobweb spider, the web she constucts is a tangle of lines with no apparent structure.
If the grapes came from California (which is a very good possibility), the spider could have hitched a ride from there. While the common image of the black widow is its all black body, eight spindly legs and signature red hourglass boldly displayed across its abdomen, that description is strictly for the ladies. Black widows are found in the southernmost regions of at least five provinces in Canada, from BC across to Ontario and across the continental U.S.
Given its need for a warmer climate, the black widow's distribution is not surprising since Ontario dips farther south than any other Canadian province. Although not much of a concern for humans, black widow spiders are actually 15 times more venomous than rattlesnakes. Only females are poisonous and despite common opinion, they rarely kill the male after mating.There are about five species of the Black Widow Spider - all of which are poisonous.

The black widow's venom is a neurotoxin that attacks the nervous system and may cause pain and serious illness in humans.
While humans may have little to fear, the same cannot be said for a female black widow's mate. Black widows prefer dark, sheltered spots close to the ground such as wood, trash or rock piles, or even underneath a house. On occasion, black widow spiders occur outside of their ranges by hitching a ride on produce such as grapes. A black widow bite can, however, cause severe pain at the bite site and lead to painful muscle contractions. When looking for a partner, male black widows will vibrate the silky ends of a female's web to alert them of the male's presence. Smaller insects that get caught in the spider's web are paralyzed with venom and carried home for dinner.

Although these bites are generally not life-threatening for healthy adults, medical attention should always be sought following a black widow bite — particularly for children and the elderly. Black widows use an enzyme to help them digest their victims, leaving only empty carcasses. The female then lays 50 to 100 eggs, wrapped in silk for protection, and 30 days later the spiderlings hatch.

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