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Spiders at Spiderzrule - the best site in the world about spiders, redbacks, huntsmen, garden orb weaver, funnel web, black widow, recluse, hobo spider, daddy long legs. Not sure what kind of a spider this is – maybe you can tell me and whether it’s poisonous or not.
I noticed this spider in my garden yesterday and a couple of people at work say it’s an orb spider, but it doesn’t really look like any of the pictures I could find.
I just returned from an amazing trip to Australia a few days ago and took a couple of photos of a spider I found at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
I stumbled across your website on spiders when I was planning a trip up to the Northern Territory in Australia. The cephalothorax is black with a white pattern on the back, and a yellow underside; the abdomen is grey to brown.

I've tried identifying it myself but can't get past St Andrew's or Tent spiders without getting stuck.
Since it was just hanging out there and not in any exhibit I didn't know what kind of spider it was. It occurs widely in Australia, where it is found in both tropical and temperate regions, and in parts of New Guinea and New Caledonia.
Actually it is the female Black Widow spider that earned Black Widows the bad rep—its venom glands are very large (compared to the male, whose bite is negligible), plus they eat the male after mating. As many as a few dozen may infest a single Nephila web to feed from the host spider's captured prey. If you are bitten by a spider like the ones in this picture you should quickly go to the nearest doctor for help.

The Black Widow is not an aggressive animal, as these spiders do not bite if they are not threatened, pressed or pinched. As shown in the pictures here, the Black Widow has a shiny black body color and a red marking in the underside of the belly, which makes the little red spider easily recognized.Black Widows are found in all continents except Antarctica.

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