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This is not always the case, but this is the classic description for the pattern that develops from a black widow spider bite. Presenting the spider that did the biting can help in initiating the most effective treatment as quickly as possible.
Symptoms that can result from a black widow bite include severe and intense pain, stiffness, muscle cramps, abdominal cramps, back pain, excessive sweating, and hypertension. Both topical and systemic reactions to the venom from a black widow spider can develop and spread quickly.
Some reports of serious complications and death have been linked to black widow bites in people that were already severely medically compromised. They have fangs that are a little shorter than those of other spiders, yet still long enough to penetrate human skin. Black widow spiders are reported to be commonly found in the southern and western regions of the United States. Watch for black widows in dark, moist, and undisturbed places like meter boxes, under porches, porch furniture, and inside and around barns and sheds.
The black widow’s webs are purposefully made in an irregular shape, not like the typical and sometimes practically perfect webs made by other spiders.

The body of a female is usually larger in size than a male black widow spider, however the legs of a male are often longer. Males can be black but are usually brown in color, and the markings can be anywhere on the abdomen. The black widow spider was named for the tendency of the female to eat the male after mating. Many people are familiar with the secretive and dangerous brown recluse spider, particularly its unique fiddle- or violin-shaped marking that appears on the top, or dorsal side, of the spider.
Young spiders look a great deal like the adults except that they are lighter in color and smaller. Brown recluse spiders get their name for obvious reasons: first, because of their color and second, because of the fact that they prefer to be reclusive, which means they are secretive and prefer to stay hidden from view. It is sometimes difficult to tell a spider bite from another insect sting or bite, or even just a mild skin infection.
If it can be done safely, capture the spider and safely take it with you to the medical facility. Carrying around a black widow spider might not be the best plan, so at least take very clear pictures of whatever bit you, if you can do so safely.

Seek treatment as soon as possible once you confirm, or are fairly sure, you were bitten by a black widow spider. According to reports from poison control centers in the United States, more than 2500 incidents of black widow spider bites are reported each year in the United States.
The body is about 1 and ? inches in length, and the entire spider, legs and all, is more than 1 inch across. The two most common poisonous spiders found in the United States are the black widow and the brown recluse. If you can safely capture the spider, place it a container that does not present a risk of injury to anyone else.
If you have confirmation that the bite was from a black widow spider, then be sure to seek immediate medical care.
The legs and abdomens of the brown recluse are uniform in color, so a spider that has more than one color on its legs or abdomen is not a brown recluse.

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