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There are various devices and kits available that purport to remove venom from bite wounds. Bama MamaTaking care of my family in Sweet Home Alabama with a little bit of DIY, Homeschooling, Autism, Nature, Family and Whatever else I decide to blog about!Spider bite by Black Widow or Brown Recluse!
Dried basil has also been suggested; crush between your fingers until a fine dust and apply to the bite.

I have a LARGE scare on my thigh from a bite just like this whenever I was 8 (if you want to email me, I can send you a picture!) What I had was ant-biotics but also, to remove the poison (which is what is eroding his skin) I had the site lanced and flushed with saline (and probably some more heavy duty stuff as well) it was VERY traumatizing as a child, but I healed. Although its bite has very potent venom damaging to the nervous system, the effects on each individual are quite variable, unless you’re a male black widow.

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