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When I saw this story once again (since 1999) going around on Facebook warning us that there is a NEW POISONOUS SPIDER IN THE UNITED STATES, I felt inclined to educate the ignorant on the hazards of a Florida Summer. A particularly troublesome bug is the spider and feet aren’t the only body parts they attack. The hobo spider is a non-native species of spider that originally came to the United States from Europe.
A more effective way to kill the brown recluse spiders in your home is to use brown recluse traps.
Florida has four species of venomous Widow spiders, of which two, the Southern Black Widow and the Brown Widow may be found around buildings.
Blistering: After a span of 24 hours, the hobo spider bite will start to blister in the middle of the wound. If you feel pain when the spider bites, it’s likely a black widow spider bite, whose bite is often but not always painful. Now the hobo spider can cause skin damage, but less so than the brown recluse, while the black widow spider bite causes a red spot that’s sometimes hard to see, but another symptom will be much more obvious; it usually causes painful muscle aches and cramping throughout the body for one to three weeks. As the black layer of dead skin (eschar) sloughs off, treat the wound as you would any other, by keeping it clean and covered and applying antibiotic ointment or honey.
If you think the spider was a black widow take a pain reliever like ibuprofen or aspirin for the muscle cramps.
Within minutes to hours, a black widow bite can lead to severe chest and abdominal pain mimicking appendicitis or a heart attack. The good news is that these days, thanks to anti-venom, it’s extremely  rare to die from a spider bite and those that do are typically caused by an allergic reaction or a severe secondary infection. That being said, most people are still terrified of spiders and shake out their sheets before hopping into bed. Tomorrow we’ll talk about the six venomous snakes that are indigenous  to Florida — the eastern diamondback, pigmy rattler, canebrake rattler, cottonmouth (commonly called a water moccasin), copperhead and coral snake.
I came across this spider in Orlando, but don’t worry I have only seen one in about 15 years that I have been going to Florida.

The one below was about as big as my hand, so pretty big compared to most spiders you see around the house. Most orb weaving spiders are moderate in size and brownish, like a barn spider, although some species such as the marble spider are brightly colored (colorful species are often orange or yellow). These spiders do not rely on vision to capture prey but use the vibrations they detect in their webs to alert them when they have captured something.
However, if you are biten by a larger spider such as these it is recommeded to seek medical care due to the fact that they are larger. Whether indoors or outside, venomous spiders are a part of Florida living, as are snakes, gators, yellow flies, yellow jackets, hornets and mosquitos and here at the beach, we also entertain the nuisance called no-seams, during dusk especially. But spider bites can be serious, and it’s therefore a good idea to learn how to identify those bites and what kind of treatment is best. The spider is found in the northwest portion of the country, and probably arrived in the 1920s, getting into the country accidentally in packages and crates that were shipped from overseas. The Northern Black Widow is found only in the Florida Panhandle and makes its web at the end of low tree branches. In severe cases, after 2 to 3 days the area can become black, and in 10 days the flesh in the region of the bite may rot, requiring surgical intervention. You may not know when it a brown recluse bites you, but when the bite area becomes red, blistered, or black you know it’s a brown recluse.
The black and yellow argiope is large, with a one inch long body, and is brightly colored yellow and black. Orb weaving spiders will wrap up their prey in silk then carry them away to the hub of their web or to a secure retreat to eat them at their convenience. A friend told me they are called golden orb spiders, but I am pretty sure it is a banana spider. This is also recommended because of what spider venom does, it breaks down the prey, and though it is not deadly – the wound could be end up quit unappealing. In addition to itching and pain, some spider bites can cause skin damage, infection, muscle aches, cramping throughout the body, and chest and abdominal pain.

The hobo spider is brown with no special markings, but it has a potentially dangerous bite that produces distinctive symptoms. To kill brown recluse spiders, grab a vacuum and go around your house cleaning under and around things. The Red Widow is mainly found in sand scrub habitat in central and south central Florida.Their venom is neurotoxic (affects nervous system). Like most spiders, orb weaving spiders possess eight small eyes, four in the center forming a box and a pair on the right and another on the left.
Nocturnal orb weaving spiders may choose to take down and eat their web in the morning and then rebuild it the next evening. These spiders are generally found in South America and are called banana spiders because they live in banana trees and generally bite people when they are placing the bananas in the boxes to ship them out or picking the bananas.
These are not harmfully poisonous either and generally won’t bite despite their harsh appearance. By looking at some pictures of spider bites and reading a little advice you can be way ahead in the event of getting bit. This is one of the biggest groups of spiders with species found in many sites, including around homes and in yards and gardens. Orb spiders have poor vision although they are able to detect slight differences in changes in light. Orb weaving spiders that are active during the day similarly may reconstruct their nest in the morning.
Many residents have encountered these spiders throughout Minnesota during August and September this year.
The toxins in the bite kill the cells surrounding the puncture, producing a black gangrenous spot.

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