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Category: Bed Bug Bites | 06.11.2015
Here are all the images I have, in the sink, on the bed, in my eyelashes, hair, dogs hair, clothes, floors. I am very concerned because I came home last night from college and all was well but earlier tonight I was putting stuff away and tidying up my room when I came across a bunch of random bugs, they are brown and a an oval shape.
Also, your description does not sound like bed bugs so I would not be concerned about moving to a new place. I thought they may be from my rabbit who lives in my room but I checked his fur and changed his cage as well as looked through the bedding but I didn't find anything.

The bugs are living between my sheets on fabrics (I had stacks of clothes on a chair and they were all through them)there are not a HUGE amount of them but it is enough to make someone uncomfortable.
The background is all the bugs I found quickly on my dogs and my hair, in the car, on my coat and look like one of the bugs I see more and more.
I treated us for lice at first but realized four weeks after constantly treating, it was not headlice. In the drawer, on the kitchen counter, our hair, the dogs hair, the beds, carpets ect.I havent found an infestation and putting the bed bug encasement covers over the mattress's doesn't seem to be helping.

I'm moving in six days and need to know if these are bed bugs and if they are, how not to take them with me.

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