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Poke small holes in the plastic wrap.  Just small enough for the fruit flies to enter, but then they are trapped and cannot climb out.
Try to put away any other sources of temptation for the fruit flies.  This can be a challenge!
This is genius because one of my biggest pet peeves (next to stink bugs), is pesky fruit flies! Fruit flies won’t appear in your house if you get rid of the old fruit before it starts to go bad. This is even simpler, requires less work and adds the novel touch of a dash of dishwashing soap to further trap the flies. This is a fun upgrade on the standard trap with a downloadable PDF of a cone stencil with smart graphics on the top.

Final helpful post on Instructables that has some new ideas, including the soap bubble trap.
This is the only trap here that can catch other types of flies besides fruit flies.To make it, cut off the top of a soda bottle and insert it into the remaining part inverted. IF YOU NEED TO GET RID OF FRUIT FLIES WE HAVE THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT KILLS AND ELIMINATES THEM!!! It kind of makes sense that flies would be most attracted to wine since it smells of fruit.
With the coming of hot weather the flies seem to be gaining strength again as summer produce fills kitchen counters, and we're seeing a lot of readers looking for fruit fly solutions in particular.
When I find them on fruit, I don't touch the fruit, grab the vacuum and suck them up as they take flight.

The orange is a powerful attractant to the flies and the detergent breaks up the surface tension of the water, resulting in dead flies.
I have actually tried to make your traps and have had great success using them so thank you very much!
The flies will fly in and will follow the walls back up, not finding the way out.Instead of the plastic cone some people use a paper cone,a plastic bag with the corner cut off, or a piece of saran wrap with a small hole in it.
Then my apartment-mate found a FF in her wine, so we combined the two discoveries to make the salsa jar fruit fly trap.

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