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Just type in your name and email address below and I'll get you signed up for this 5-day course—for FREE! According to Mavis from One Hundred Dollars a Month, you can use Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of fruit flies. I use red wine vinegar in a small glass dish because I like how it looks, and add a couple of drops of dish soap to break the surface tension so the fruit flies fall into the water and drown instead of lying on top and getting away. We use apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dish detergent in a glass every time we get fruit flies and it gets rid of them in no time! Hope this helps you get rid of those pesky fruit flies!  Let me know if you use any other ways to get rid of them!
This is even simpler, requires less work and adds the novel touch of a dash of dishwashing soap to further trap the flies. After trying a few different fruit fly traps, I’ve found the one that has worked the best for me. This fruit fly trap will help you get rid of fruit flies from your house in no time at all. We were having a HUGE problem with fruit flies at our house and my aunt told us about the apple cider vinegar and a drop of dawn soap. Robin, yes you can eventually put your fruit back on the counter… at least here where we only have fruit flies during the warmer months of the year. Marie, you only need to change the bowl if you find the collection of dead fruit flies unsightly. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
If your house looks like an airport with a whole bunch of huge fighter aircrafts taking off and racing around, then you definitely have houseflies.
Other houseflies’ distant cousins are blow flies and flesh flies (they usually infest in untenantable rooms, such as attic or basement) and their emergence means there is a dead animal somewhere, usually a rat or a mouse. The issue we’ll focus on today will be how to get rid of house flies, since this is the most annoying home pest species. The manufacturers promise that Fly Catcher Trap can deal with house flies, cluster flies, lance flies, screwworm flies, flesh flies, false stable flies, blow flies and bottle flies and that over 20,000 flies of different size can fit into a single trap. There are few negative reviews, and some of them deal with the maggots breeding on dead trapped flies, which can crawl out of the trap. This spray is great for killing flies, small spiders and other flying and crawling insects that don't have a hard exoskeleton like wasps, big bugs and cockroaches do.
The swatter needs 2 regular AA batteries (which are included) and according to the customer feedback, it deals with the house and other flies well if they are not too big (it will simply stun huge insects, but you’ll have the time to finish them). Here’s what the users say about this wonderful plant: “This little guy is awesome, it's killing all the flies that get into the house. It’s interesting that some of the customers take these strips along when they go camping as a body-pack repellent for ticks and large flies.

As for the effectiveness, the customers note that the flies dislike this spray and escape soon after the repellent has been sprayed in the air or on the furniture. Theoretically, you can use all of the means of killing insects devised by humans for exterminating the flies. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer is the best outdoor bug zapper on the modern market. You should get rid of all these pests with the help of special poisons containing fatty acids.
We do our best to keep this blog upbeat and encouraging, so please keep your comments cordial and kind. Once all the fruit flies are in the jar and not flying around your house, put the jar in the freezer.
Recipe to get rid of Fruit FliesHey it’s not fun in September in SW Michigan if you have hundreds of fruit flies all over your kitchen!I tried 2 other things but this did the trick! With the coming of hot weather the flies seem to be gaining strength again as summer produce fills kitchen counters, and we're seeing a lot of readers looking for fruit fly solutions in particular. Sit back, coffee in hand, and enjoy your reclaimed kitchen – it no longer belongs to the flies, but to you! I’ve been looking for something to get rid of my fruit fly infestation and absolutely nothing has worked. We associate them with trash, dirt and viruses which can infect your house and your food if you’ve got these insects at your place. These buzzing creatures fly laps under the ceiling and land on your food and thus can contaminate it. In fact, they have lots of relative species, such as cluster (attic) flies, which only breed in the wet soil, parasitizing the worms. That’s why you should clean-up twice as thoroughly if you’re using poisonous rat baits, or else there will be more home pests at your place.
Some of them claim that the trap works too well, and that even outdoor flies are attracted by it (and they are most certainly unwelcome in your house!). Maggots start growing in the mound of dead flies but they are trapped in there too and are eventually drowned or cooked in the sun with the others. You’ll probably have to see for yourself whether it is really as disgusting as the customers claim, as the product is affordable.
Most likely, they don’t lie since many customers “complain” that they didn’t know that there were SO MANY flies near their house, until they’ve seen how fast the traps get filled up. But you can make even such unpleasant undertaking as getting rid of house flies a bit more fun. But if your kids have become keen on this toy, use only food-safe oil in order not to potentially harm them with artificial oil. Big zappers have a special large trap for the dead flies, and in case of these swatters, the flies will simply drop on the floor.

Venus Flytraps are long known for food habits, as in the wildlife they inhabit swampy soils poor with nutrition and thus are obliged to feed on the insects, particularly the flies, in order to extract said nutritious elements. Hang it on the infected territory and it will begin working by emitting poisonous vapor for flies for flies. Mind the peculiarities of mosquitoes in order to repel flies, as the latter are drawn by pretty much the same things—namely, citronella, lavender, eucalyptus, cedar, clove, mint, garlic, lemongrass and others.
The product is especially popular as a dog mosquito and flies repellent, as its organic components allow pet owners to spray it right on the dogs’ fur without fearing anything. They were initially designed for combating mosquitoes, but they kill many species of insects, including flies.
And put tape on the edges where the funnel meets the jar so no pesky fruit flies can escape. We have already explained how to get rid of them in our article 6 Best Products for Killing Drain (Sewer) Flies. Adult attic flies can fly in your house in large quantities at the end of summer or in the beginning of spring. This is a versatile product which, according to the manufacturer, will be useful against most types of flies, including house flies and blow flies. By the way, more experienced users of this product recommend hanging it as far as you can from where you usually hang out in your backyard, so that nothing spills or smells later on. You can either replant it in the garden or leave it as a house plant on a windowsill where it will do its job and kill the flies.
Humans can’t even feel it, while the flies within 10-13 ft of the repellent will not feel well. Other than the house itself they also love settling near the sewage, as well as stables, barns and other farm buildings.
Without any doubt, you can encounter cluster flies, which don’t care about your flowers and fruit and parasitize the worms in the ground. If you see some weird insects in your backyard, most likely they want something, your crops and plants for example. The flies will be attracted to the scent and will drown because of the soap.Thank you for visiting Vegan Gal. It doesn’t fry its victims; the flies are instead drawn toward the light and get stuck to the tape, which, obviously, has to be changed from time to time. If they are most active during the day, then, perhaps, this trap will be useless, as it works best at night.
If you don’t have fruit lying around, consider your kitchen drains as a possible source for these annoying insects.

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