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German cockroaches are the most widespread roaches in the USA, and you may find them all over the world. These creatures are not only disgusting themselves, they also bring lots of germs and bacteria in the houses, as their favorite places to explore are far from clean. Once the roach infestation has started in your apartment, have every confidence the pests are planning to stay with you longtime.
The sugar smell attracts the roaches, and soda is poisonous because while reacting with water it gives gas which causes the roach’s stomach burst.
A very good way to keep your house and outdoors really clean and fresh, but not the way German roaches are killed. Keep setting new bait every week or so, keeping in mind that they had left unhatched eggs behind, so you want to get rid of these newly hatched roaches before they have a chance to lay any eggs.
There are many chemical insecticide sprays available in the market that contains Cyfluthrin, which is very effective in getting rid of the roaches completely. Place the trap continuously for at least one week to get rid of the roaches completely and repeat it after two week gap to check any re- infestation. Cockroaches will eat the bait and may carry it to the nest exposing other roaches to the poison in the bait. Dilute the liquid concentrate with water and spray it into the crevices in the wall and potential nests and entry points of the roaches. If your home or apartment is having worst roach infestations, then you may need to use strong professional pesticides that contain chemicals such as Cypermethrin. Put this mixture in a spray can and sprinkle it on areas where the roaches make regular visits and on top of the roaches directly if possible. The smell of the fruit peels will attract the roaches to the jar and they get trapped inside the jar due to the petroleum jelly on the rim of the jar. Next morning, empty the cockroaches inside the jar to a bucket filled with soapy water to kill the roaches. Repeat some of the home remedies for roaches once in a while to ensure that your house is free of roaches. The above given home remedies for cockroaches are highly useful in eliminating roaches from your home, however you need to take care of certain things while attempting to get rid of cockroaches.
If you are using insecticides and chemicals to get rid of roaches care should be taken to prevent the inhalation of chemicals as these chemicals may cause breathing problems and lung irritation in humans.
The baits and chemicals used for terminating the roaches may contain certain ingredients harmful for pets and children.

Try to keep the kitchen area and bathroom, damp free to prevent them from being the breeding area of roaches.
And if the German roaches still find a way to move in with you, just follow the instructions below – and your house will soon be free.
Take middle-sized bowls, grease them inside with a thick layer of petroleum jelly and put some food which is attractive for the roaches (that is any food actually) on the bottom of the bowl.
By the way Boric Acic is sold at any Pharmacy and is very inexpensive, very much cheaper than sprays and commercial baits that don’t work. German roach live in building other kinds seem to big to not be notices so they stay outside.
It poisons the one that eats it and as cockroaches are somewhat cannibalistic, also kills the ones that eat the carcass. They are harmful to human beings as they act as carriers of different diseases and contaminate our food. Spray the insecticide in the hiding places of roaches such as cracks in the wall, vents, drainage area, in the trash can etc. The residual effect of these chemicals will last for at least three months and will kill all sorts of bugs and insects in your home. You can make a mixture of baking soda and sugar by taking equal parts of the items and sprinkle this mixture near the roach infested areas in your house. Add one tablespoon of liquid soap to this mixture and apply it in all places in your home where the roaches frequent.
Keep this jar overnight without closing it in your kitchen and bathroom area, which is frequented by the roaches.
Always keep the baits and chemicals in places not accessible to pets or children but accessible to roaches.
No bug can live through that even tho they claim a German roach can live through a nuclear bombing….
And if you leave as much as one dirty plate in the sink overnight, the roaches will have all the opportunities for a food fest.
Here, due to the roach-friendly humid climate, these pests seem to penetrate into your house constantly. There is a much cleaner way to kill the cockroaches: just suck them in a vacuum cleaner and take outside. I mixed it with some condensed milk as was suggested, then I paced it on little strips of card board and put them in all the possible places where they trail, visit or hide.

Place in screw wholes and air flow gaps or along the edges underneath your electronics and the roaches will feed and die, but in order to remove the dead you must take the electronics coverings off and shake and scrub,then add more little bitty balls of carmel as I call it to the guts of your electronics for consistant control and killing of these nasty things. I went to go look at it…it was covered in and out, with those nasty little (different sizes) roaches. The roaches feeding on this mixture will die as the baking soda reacts with its stomach acid cause it to gas up. Place small dough balls in various areas in the home where roaches visit frequently to get rid of the cockroaches. I think that at best you can keep them at bay by having annual spraying done by the local commercial pest control.
And if you don’t want to use pesticides, there are many natural ways to kill these nasty insects.
You can place the ground bay leaf powder near the nest and other areas where the roaches frequent.
You can also spray the solution to the nest to make the cockroaches come out of their nest and you can kill them manually.
The flour and sugar in the mixture will attract cockroaches and the boric acid in the mixture will kill the roaches. There are different species of roaches and most common among them are the American cockroaches with reddish brown color and yellow bands on the shield behind the head and German cockroaches with pale brown color and two brown stripes behind the head.
The smell will make the cockroaches move out of your home.  The roaches will be removed without the need to kill them. There are many chemical pest control and natural roach control methods available to get rid of roaches permanently. I have never lived with roaches( except, your occasional big cock roach)… Nor, do I want to live with any roaches…EVER !!!
They are a huge problem in east Hillsborough county, but there is no flying german roaches. I cannot spend every night, smashing roaches with my hands, or picking them up and flushing them.

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