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Rats and mice are rodents that scavenge for their food. Marijuana plants are an example of such rodent food. It does sometimes happen , however, since rats require an entire third of their weight in food every day. Like all rodents, mice and rats have front teeth that continuously grow throughout their lives. While rats and mice can be rather annoying, they generally won’t threaten the livelihood of your crop. If you have any pets, make sure that you clean out their food bowls thoroughly and frequently. Another way of inviting mice and rats near your home is having a bird feeder that is low to the ground. Remember that plants with strong genetics have less change of getting sick and are less vulnerable for pests and diseases.
Luckily for you, rats generally weigh less than one pound, and mice weigh in far below that.

One way of doing this (besides population the area with outside cats) is to make sure you contain your compost in a box or bucket with a tight lid. This will not only help avoid a rat or mouse infestation, but also ants, squirrels, and raccoons. These critters have no choice but to chew on things constantly to wear down their teeth, sort of like we use nail files to maintain and control our fingernail growth.
Additionally, many outdoor marijuana growers know there are carnivorous birds in the local region where they are growing, meaning hawks, owls, and eagles probably already do a good job of keeping the rat population in check. Both types of rodents will gladly steal your paper and fabric to improve the coziness of their nests.
If they aren’t, it’s basically like sending rats and mice a formal invitation into your home.
They will cause long-term harm to the environment, and can lead to some major unpleasantness for you. This allows rats and mice alike to confidently squeeze through tiny holes and reach your basement or attic in search of some delicious treats.

Rats and mice would have a lot of gum pain and difficulty walking if they allowed their teeth to continue growing. If you have an eye for detail, you might be able to discover where rats have been scuttling across the ground. If the rat eats the poison and retreats back to your home, and then dies there, you will have some pungent dead meat odors plaguing your home. They generally form “runways,” which are little rat-sized trails between the food source and their shelter.

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