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If you’re looking for a durable snap trap that will catch mouse after mouse, then look no further than the Snap-E Mouse Trap. The final thing I want to mention about this trap that shows you how well thought out the design is has to do with the strike bar. Overall the Snap-E Mouse Trap has an intelligent design that is an excellent choice for anyone looking to deploy snap traps to deal with their mouse problem. There are many ways to deal with a mouse infestation including poison, repellents, and the most common method: mouse traps. This is why we’ve put together this guide on the different types of mouse traps available to you.
Snap traps are considered cruel by some, as they can severely injure the mouse but fall short of killing it, causing unnecessary suffering. A relatively new introduction to the world of rodent control, electronic mouse traps are becoming very popular for their easy of use and effectiveness. Electronic mouse traps come in both single and multi use varieties, with varying prices of course.
Glue mouse traps are the simplest types of traps, usually with no moving or mechanical parts.
These are some of the most controversial mouse traps, and are thought to be cruel by many people.

Glue traps do not work well outdoors, as environmental conditions (rain, excessive humidity) will render the adhesive ineffective. Bait is typically used, although is is also possible to capture mice in glue traps without the use of bait.
The adhesive is non-toxic to humans and pets, although pets may inadvertently come into contact with it and get the trap stuck to them. There are many types of mouse traps that are designed to capture the mouse alive, thus allowing you release the mouse back into the wild. Some live-catch traps are similar to traps for larger mammals; essentially cages with trigger-activated doors which close and lock the mouse inside. There are too many variations of live-capture traps to cover them all here, but one of the most common ones, because of is ease of use, is the bucket trap. Bucket traps can capture many mice (10+) before needing to be replaced or cleaned, adding to their cost efficiency. There are many brands of mouse trap on the market, and most are available at any major retailer that sells general goods or any hardware store. The type of trap that you should use depends entirely on your specific situation and conditions. All of these questions must be answered when choosing a trap, although if used properly ANY type of trap can get rid of the mice you are trying to eliminate.

Although the cartoon idea of using cheese in a mouse trap is (mostly) a myth, there are several household items which can be used to lure mice into a trap.
If you can identify what the mice in your house are eating, you can simply eliminate all other sources of it and place some in the trap. There is good reason for this, as mouse traps can be very effective if used correctly (here’s what to do if they are not working for you!). The bait is placed on a pressure sensitive switch which causes the trap to activate when the mouse tries to move it. Most electronic traps run on standard AA batteries, and have green and red lights for indicating a captured mouse and low battery, respectively. It’s pretty much just like the name would indicate, a sticky adhesive traps the mouse on a board (usually cardboard or plastic) and prevents it from escaping. For instance, one common tactic is to place glue traps next to traditional snap or electronic traps.

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