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If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon or make a better mouse trap than his neighbor, though he builds his house in the woods. Actually the message was about quality of workmanship towards success rather than specifically about mouse traps but in either case he has been proven prophetic. Not do be out done many homeowners have sought to one up Atkinson and start their own 112 year streak of mouse trap dominance. Well we’ve come along way in mouse traps but as you can see sometimes simpler is better. This entry was posted in Rats and Mice and tagged history of mouse traps, homemade mouse traps, how mice traps work, when were glue boards invented, who invented mouse traps, wood mouse traps. I am the Retired Electronic Engineer that will now take the time to invent the best Rat-mouse Trap to date!
When I bag my first Rat, I will perfect the Trap and find someone interested in building, manufacturing, marketing them, ha!
I would get a trap big enough in any event for whatever it is–namely a rat snap trap.
Easy Set Snap Traps: They are generally the best traps for eliminating rats from work places or homes. Live and Multi-Catch traps: They are generally less effective than Easy Set Snap Traps, however, they are easier to set and can even catch a number rats. Old Fashioned Snap Traps: Although they are cheap, they are quite hard to set and aren’t as effective as the latest easy to set rats and mice traps. The latest Raticator Plus provides solid state electronics to send a deadly, but gentle shock to either rats or mice. How to set the trapYou simply bait the trap with any kind of dry food, such as dry pet food, peanuts or trail mix, as an attractant to the rodent; turn the main switch on and then wait for the pest to enter the trap.
It effectively exterminates mice, rats as well as other rodents preventing property damage, serious health risks and stress. The Raticator Max uses a revolutionary new infra-red detecting mechanism to sense the presence of the rat, mouse or other rodent.

It effectively exterminates mice, rats and other rodents preventing you from serious health problems, stress as well as property damage.
Its pre-formed bait cup is perfect for easy baiting and because it is manufactured from durable steel and polystyrene, it is quite reliable and sturdy – it lasts for many years. The Rodent Zapper is a very simple to use rat trap as you only need to follow these three simple steps: place small bait at the back of the trap, set the trap against the wall and then wait for the rodent to enter.
It works by giving a very powerful electronic shock that exterminates rodents, an alternative to other toxic chemicals as well as dangerous traps. With these rat traps, you don’t have to touch a dead rat or mouse; there is no hassle and poison.
The first trap was invented back in 1897 by James Henry Atkinson a British inventor and his prototype of the wooden snap trap with springs and wires has not changed much at all since then.
Secure it with glue or tape and put bait such as peanuts or seed in the hole so it drops to the bottom. First attach the trap to the can by screwing the wood just under the tongue (trigger) to the front of the can.
Try some of the traps in my article and if you still need help give me a shout- I’ll be happy to help. I have had 2 wooden mouse traps out with peanut butter & 1 black plastic rat trap out with peanut butter. There isn’t one trap that is the best rat trap for controlling these pests, so the best rat trap depends on your circumstances. The benefit of Sticky Traps is that they are pre-scented to add extra attractant.Sticky traps should be folded and then placed against objects and wall where rats and mice like to pass. It’s the most affordable model and uses 4 “AA” batteries (they are not included) and eliminates 50 plus rodents or pests and lasts for about six months in standby mode. Features of Raticator Plus You only require on trap Having this trap means that you do not need another trap for every other rodent. Designed for performance and durability, Raticator Plus is one of the best rat traps as it combines enhanced solid state electronics making sure that when a pest enters the trap it’s humanely eliminated.

How to set the trap Just like Raticator Plus, you only need to bait the Max with any dry food to act as an attractant to the rat and mouse, turn the main switch one, (wait for about five minutes as you look for a green flash) and it is set.
Designed for performance and Durability, the Max high tech combine enhanced electronics, an advanced stainless steel kill pads and a solid state delivery system with infra-red sensing tech which sense the body heat of the rat or mouse and thus ensuring that whenever the pest enters the trap, it is humanely exterminated. It has a fast responses time, thus when a rat or mouse has been caught and trapped it can’t escape.
The extra large trip paddle and hit bar catches rats, mice and rodents from sides, back and front.
Place the trap near a shelf or something so the mouse can jump or climb to the inverted top.
The concave or protruding side up, use your wire to attach it to the spring loaded snap wire of the trap.
I have never seen a rat in real life but if I did or if it were in my home I do not think I could live there any longer.
Sprinkle baby powder in the areas you’ve heard the noise and check the powder in the morning for tracks. Test the trap out to make sure the release arm does not block the cloth from covering the entire mouth of the can when it shuts.
I went to the ladies room and not more than 1 min this gray thing darted across the floor over my foot and jumped into the closet space that my husband opened up to the basement as he was working on our plumbing for the past week.. My husband wants to trap it so he can see really what it is, because I could not get a really good look at it.

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