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We utilize the most effective insecticide Spray and Fog agents available from the leading pesticides manufactures.
When there is no Bait available for a given Pest, Targeted or Broadcast application of Control Agents in selected areas of the structure is the next best option. We use most effective insecticide spray available from the leading pesticides manufactures. Our exterminators will inspect the structure for points of vulnerabilities that may facilitate future infestations or conditions that may be helping the Pest to flourish.

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The forcipules are modifications of the first pair of legs, forming a pincer-like appendage always found just behind the head.
Some centipedes, such as the house centipede have long legs and are capable of running rapidly.

Forcipules are not true mouth-parts, although they are used in the capture of prey items, injecting venom and holding onto captured prey. The skin puncture results from the action of a centipede's forcipules (pincer-like appendages) that would pierce the skin and inject venom into the wound.

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