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About 2 weeks ago I heard a mouse travelling in the ceiling tiles of my basement so I went to Rona to get some Poison. Make sure you keep your house spotlessly clean (no crumbs to eat) and all food well stowed in mouse-proof materials, then like top_dawg suggested, put mousetraps around.
Another suggestion is to put traps out in any outbuildings (sheds, garage etc) so that the mouse population near your house is kept down, lessening the risk of another intruder.
A mouse only needs an opening the size of a dime to get into the house, so it's tough to find openings sometimes. Personally I'll avoid using poison because you don't know where the mouse's dead body will end up. The funny thing is, we haven't really seen any mouse droppings except where I laid the bait, which is in our ceiling tile. At first I kept wondering if it was a mouse, then when I checked the bait, the mouse ate through the cup it was in, the bait itself was reduced to grain, and mouse droppings left behind. The snap traps are good for catching a few live mice, but the poison bait is the only way to kill their litter if they are nesting and breeding in the house. We bring you two homemade mouse traps that work by using simple things that you already have in your house.

As you can appreciate this trap is really simple to do in just a couple of seconds and it is very similar to some of our homemade fly traps.
For this next homemade mouse trap that work we will need: a big bucket, a long piece of wood, a stick and peanut butter. By simply looking at the picture on top you can get a pretty good idea of what this trap is about.
What we want to accomplish with this homemade trap is to make the mouse fall into the bucket leaving it no possible exit. We used poison at my parent's house and years later we moved a dresser and found a perfectly intact skeletal remains of a mouse with fur surrounding the bones.
The first one can be made in just a couple of seconds and is highly effective but it only works with one mouse at a time. The plastic of the bottle can fold letting the mouse in but the spikes won’t let it out.
The mouse is supposed to use the piece of wood as a bridge, being attracted by the smell of the peanut butter on the stick that is piercing the bucket.
Imagine a mouse freeway parallel to the baseboard - put the mousetrap so that the mouse would walk right into the trap from either direction of the freeway.

The only bad side about this homemade mouse trap is that a plastic bottle is very light and can fall to the ground before catching the mouse, you will need some good place where it can stand firmly or tape it to the ground. The sticky traps have not caught a mouse (but a lot of spiders, sow bugs, and a couple of 'death beetles') but I can tell you now I haven't seen any evidence of mice in the house now. If you have the possibility to catch them without killing them then we think is the best course of action. Besides, if there is a toddler on the house you don’t want him to find some poison around or a dangerous mouse trap that can break his fingers. Just follow the steps on the pictures and you will be good to go with this fantastic homemade trap.

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