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Male Eastern Carpenter Bees are curious and will check you out if you come near their nest. Putting poison on the wood does not help much with Carpenter Bees since they do not eat the wood. This entry was posted in 40 acre woods, Homesteading, Permaculture, Skills, Sustainability, Wild Animals and tagged Bee, Carpenter Bee, homesteading, pest.

Dena – Bees are really cool and we all should be as worried as you are about their demise.
I found your post interesting since I have similar bees burrowing into (my fireplace) logs stacked on the side of my house. However it is not usually a problem as most hives will produce double that, given the room.Click on the picture to enlarge As we all know, it is the honey bees that produce honey, but there are three other healthy substances routinely removed from hives - Bee Pollen , Bee Propolis and Royal Jelly.

It is creamy white in colour, very rich in proteins and fatty acids and is produced by the mouth glands in young bees.

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