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So here’s a clean, easy, eco-friendly way to catch and kill all those annoying flying bugs during the summer. About a month ago, I was in despair about this hive.  The temperature had dropped, I saw drones flying out of the hive, and the number of bees around the entrance had declined.
Lucky number 7…I caught bees in this bait box last year, so it was a good choice to use. After bending branches and snipping them, we managed to get the majority of bees into the box.
I had hung two bait hives in a state park, admittedly without prior permission, but up high, in no one’s way.

So I consulted my beekeeper sources who advised me to hang a bait hive across the road in some trees. I chose a tree about 50 feet (15 meters) away facing the river to hang the bait hive after baiting it with old comb and LGO.
The family of picnickers and their kids were excited to  learn the plight of the bees and what backyard beekeepers are doing to help out. I contacted the owner who let me hang a bait hive on the very tree where the bees were flying in and out. Plan is to unscrew the lid of the bait box, lift out the bars, put them in the top of Bee Beard log hive, put the quilt box in and pivot the hat back in place.

They got up into my bee suit between the veil and my face, up my pant legs, and on my wrists.
Within a few minutes, they emptied the bait box of the remaining bees, got the bars into the log hive, installed the quilt box and pivoted the hat in place. They said the bees will settle down in a while and not too worry too much about working in the garden, they’d get used to you, but if they go through a dearth, they might get a little testy.

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