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I forgot to put a penny in the photo for size reference, but in the 2nd photo you can see compared to a toddler's sweater that was laying nearby.
These grants will be used incommunities where bed bug pressures are significant but resources to address the problems are limited.
Canvas strap of old box spring covering with bed bug adults, skin castings, feces, and eggs.
The work will translate existing information about bed bug control, prevention, identification and resources to a smartphone-friendly website.
The grant will also provide training to the migrant workers of Caroline County, who are especially vulnerable to bed bugs.
Rutgers University will implement a statewide bed bug educational outreach program for low-income communities in New Jersey. The Michigan Department of Community Health will develop an education program focusing on the prevention and treatment of bed bug infestations for public health professionals and community partners with the goal of preventing pesticide misuse.

Infestations of bed bugs have spread to many cities around the United States in recent years.
Environmental Protection Agency is awarding grants totaling $550,000 to five organizations to implement new approaches in managing bed bug problems.
Bed bug control that works takes active participation and cannot be done in isolation, especially when multi-unit housing is involved.
The grant will help implement a train-the-trainer program in at least 50 low-income communities in New Jersey, assist an affordable housing community in setting up an effective and sustainable community-based model bed bug IPM program. As part of the Federal Bed Bug Workgroup, EPA helped develop a national Bed Bug Summit in early February.
I have found what I think may be bed bug castings and was hoping someone might be able to confirm. Since 2009 they have become an integral part in how we resolve bedbug infestations in domestic and commercial settings.

I found some more castings while cleaning (I've included a couple of photos below) and they look like cockroach castings.
Louis area and directly with residents in those communities, to address existing bed bug infestation problems and proactively avoid a larger contamination problem. The IPM model will focus on community participation, early detection, maximize cultural and non-chemical control practices, and use of low-toxicity insecticides to manage bed bug infestations. The agency has worked with various federal agencies to explore and develop techniques for combating the influx of bed bugs. The bed bug grants are a further step in educating consumers and professionals about the pests.

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