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Bed bug bites are often not noticed as they are mistaken for mosquito bites, flea bites or other kinds of skin conditions because they look quite similar from each other. There is no required treatment for a bedbug bite although there are certain creams that can be applied if the itchiness is severe. The experts may recommend or advise you to do a thorough cleaning of the house like scrubbing off the eggs inside infested areas, filling up the crevices or cracks in the walls, moldings, and floors; dismantling the frames of beds and furniture, covering mattresses with special bags or use a very powerful vacuum on crevices and cracks. In order to prevent a bedbug bite, you will need to identify the areas that these bugs are infesting and avoid those areas because it usually needs proper treatment in order for them to be completely eliminated. Check out the bed bug photos to see how the formation looks on the skin and how a bed bug looks. They are generally found on areas where people sleep such as beds, mattresses, bed frames, and box springs although they do not infest on sleeping surfaces of the beds compared to the small crevices and cracks.

They are especially active during the night and bite any parts of the skin which is exposed while the person is sleeping.
There are reports saying that the bedbugs can be found in areas with poor sanitation or they can live near mammals, specifically bats and birds that are nesting near houses; but they can live longer in cleaner environments as well.
Other places where these bed bugs can be found are on carpet edges, curtains, wallpaper cracks especially near beds, corners inside the dressers and also the insides of wicker furniture. There is a wide range of aerosol insecticides, mild odor dusts and sprays that can eliminate bed bugs. These bedbugs can live long without feeding for months so they are especially seen in vacant homes as well. These chemicals must be applied on all the areas where you find bed bugs are infesting, particularly in small crevices or cracks where they can run or hide.

The adult bed bug grows to a length of 5 to 7 mm, while the juveniles or nymphs are small measuring only 1.5mm. Most of the time the mattresses are discarded since these cannot easily be treated with the insecticides.
In case your skin is free of any complications at night, but you wake up with an itchy feeling and lumps, then bed bugs are the main reason.

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