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Each bed bug infestation is unique and, therefore, requires a customized treatment plan designed specifically for your infestation by one of Admiral Pest Control’s licensed and trained technicians. In severe cases, fumigation with Vikane can be conducted on entire buildings (whole-structure), certain parts of a building (compartmentalized), or certain materials, including box springs and mattresses, placed in a permanent or temporary chamber.Fumigation is the best option for treating bed bugs when immediate eradication of bed bugs is required, such as in multi- unit dwellings (hotels, apartments and dormitories), when occupants are highly allergic to bites or when there is zero tolerance for the infestation. Call Admiral Pest Control atfor an inspection, so that we can eliminate your Bed Bug infestation. Since 2003, Round the Clock Pest Control has served the residential, commercial and industrial communities of the Southern California areas. Demand that the bed bug detection team you hire is accredited with NESDCA to ensure accuracy and reliability. NESDCA is also committed to Educating, the consumers about the benefits of using properly trained Entomology Scent Detection Dog Teams, in the process of locating and eradicating pest problems. NESDCA evaluation process sets the highest standards by which Bed Bug Detection Canines Teams are held.
Round the Clock Pest Control has been anticipating the highly increased outbreak of bed bugs for a few years now, and we have been able to develop an effective and aggressive bed bug treatment to eradicate bed bugs where they hide. For that reason, Round The Clock Pest Control utilizes highly trained, Bed Bug detection Canines.
Did you know that Bed bug dogs are over 90% accurate, and that the accuracy of a human technician finding a bed bug infestation is approximately 30%, that leaves a 70% chance that a clean room is actually invested. At Round the Clock Pest Control, we understand the frustration involved in finding a reliable company to perform quality pest control services. Our philosophy towards pest control, is total elimination by finding the source of the problem and treating the problem at its root source. Pest control refers to the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, usually because it is perceived to be detrimental to a person's health, the ecology or the economy.
Pest control is at least as old as agriculture, as there has always been a need to keep crops free from pests. In the UK, following concern about animal welfare, humane pest control and deterrence is gaining ground through the use of animal psychology rather than destruction. Chemical pesticides date back 4,500 years, when the Sumerians used sulfur compounds as insecticides. Living organisms evolve and increase their resistance to biological, chemical, physical or any other form of control. Since 1979, American City Pest & Termite, has been helping homeowners and property managers control pest and termite problems in Los Angeles and Orange County residential and commercial properties. Pests can be a concern to the safety and well being of you and those around you, as well as to your property.
Action Termite and Pest Control’s Bed Bug Control Experts have been featured on the Today Show, CBS Early Show, Forbes, Fox Philly and many more media outlets!

Bed Bug Dog Inspections and Bed Bug Control– Action Termite and Pest Control has been an exterminating company in New Jersey since 1971 and has always sought to provide our customers with the best customer service possible utilizing the latest technology. Action Termite and Pest Control’s Bed Bug Control includes a Free Re-inspection 7 to 10 days after your home or office has been treated. Many pest control companies especially those that use bed-bug detection dogs are riding high despite the economic recession. A trained professional inspector will only detect visible signs of bed bugs in a room with an accuracy rate of only about 30%. Due to a dog’s keen sense of smell, our trained dog can detect bed bugs even inside walls – with 90% accuracy, making his inspection a more thorough and accurate one. Drawbacks of Conventional Approach to Pest Control 9 Potential liability for property owners and managers (tenant injury from pesticide exposure). Prevention and Control -Least Toxic Pesticides Insecticidal Dusts-Boric Acid Effective if used correctly. What is a Bed Bug A blood-sucking insect Most active at night Usually feeds at night Bed bugs do not transmit disease, but they cause secondary infections after people scratch their bed bug bites; and result in stress, loss of work, loss of sleep, and financial burden. Signs of Bed Bugs Bites Blood spots Shed skins Dead bed bugs Live bed bugs 38 Adult bed bug and droppings on mattress. Typically Bed Bug infestations are eliminated through the careful and precise application of residual insecticides. Round the Clock Pest Control delivers prompt and professional service to business and home owners while adhering to all EPA Laws and Safety Regulations.
NESDCA was formed by Pest Control Professionals to ensure the highest standards for only Entomology Scent Detection Canines. These specially Trained Canines can detect Bed Bugs when humans cannot, and with greater efficiency.
With the use of our NESDCA Certified Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs and our aggressive treatment methods. Through intelligent and state of the art service, we will develop a plan that will eliminate pests from your environment. Whether you have a commercial, industrial, or a residential property Round The Clock Pest Control, considerable experience will help you find a cost effective solution, custom tailored to fit your specific needs. Techniques such as crop rotation, companion planting (also known as intercropping or mixed cropping), and the selective breeding of pest-resistant cultivars have a long history. The Rig Veda, which is about 4,000 years old, also mentions the use of poisonous plants for pest control. We immediately assess and address current pest infestations and help you prevent them from happening in the future.
Steve Rozek of Action Termite and Pest Control, along with one of his specially trained bedbug-sniffing dogs, Rex, joins TODAY’s Lester Holt and Jenna Wolfe.

Bed bugs have invaded city after city in the last four years, leaving painful skin welts and pricey pest control bills from Boston to San Francisco. A more accurate detection means that if there is bed bug activity, our dog will be alerted to it and control measures can begin.
Bed bug infestations have been most commonly reported in motels, hotels, dormitories, apartments, shelters and transport vehicles, but also infest homes. Round The Clock Pest Control technicians receive on-going training on Local, State, and National procedures and laws.
In the State of California you are required to be licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board to identify any type of pest or, to sell any type of pest control service. It was only with the industrialization and mechanization of agriculture in the 18th and 19th century, and the introduction of the insecticides pyrethrum and derris that chemical pest control became widespread. To help our customers with bed bug infestations, Action has developed it’s K9 bed bug detection teams and is now servicing New Jersey, Philadelphia Metro Area and NYC. Long-term effects of pesticide exposure include: Cancer Birth defects Central nervous system damage Respiratory damage and Endocrine disruption.
In order to treat them effectively, Admiral Pest Control’s technicians undergo rigorous training to understand their biology and behavior. IGR’s mimic insect growth hormones and do not allow the bed bug to develop into its next growth stage, causing deformation and death. Our highly trained staff consists of qualified service technicians and service managers that are dedicated to customer service and professional care, not only do we have highly skilled servicemen, but we also staff highly trained NESDCA CERTIFIED BED BUG SNIFFING service dogs! Airguns are particularly popular for control of small pests such as rats, rabbits and grey squirrels, because of their lower power they can be used in more restrictive spaces such as gardens, where using a firearm would be unsafe.
Wont work if contaminated by strong- smelling cleaners or other chemicals, pesticide sprays or foggers, or nicotine from cigarette smoke. It is recommend that the homeowner wash any bed linen, blankets, etc, that can be washed, in hot water. Chemical pest control is still the predominant type of pest control today, although its long-term effects led to a renewed interest in traditional and biological pest control towards the end of the 20th century.
True or False IPM advocates the use of pesticides prior to blocking pest entry points and reducing food and water sources in the home.

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