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All of the products included in the kit have their own unique purpose, but can be broken down into three main categories: contact sprays, residual sprays, and residual powder. We recommend using STERI-FAB to treat your mattress, box spring, and soft floors like carpet or rugs, and use JT Eaton on your bed frame, baseboards, moldings, and between floorboards if you have hardwood.
Contact sprays are great at quickly knocking down the population of an infestation, but they’ll evaporate and become ineffective within a few hours. The professional kit comes with two very popular residual sprays: Bedlam Plus and JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs Plus.
The kit comes with enough contact and residual sprays for three full treatments: once now, another in two weeks, and then a final treatment two weeks after that.
There are some places where you can’t use sprays, like electrical outlets, light switches, and in deep cracks and crevices. Keep in mind that this kit is intended to be used during step 4 of our professional 4-step solution. Our 4-step solution has been proven over the years to be the best do-it-yourself method out there.
Our complete bed bug kit includes all the powders and sprays needed to treat your home like a professional throughout the initial treatment as well as 2 follow up treatments.
We are committed to informing and teaching you about how to get rid of bed bugs in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Over the last couple years, there are many cases of bed bugs becoming resistant to a variety of active ingredients in bedbug sprays.
It’s unlikely that you are able to visually see all the bed bugs that have infested your bedroom or home.
If you use these sprays carefully and follow the tips below, you will not put the health of your family and pets at risk. After doing a little research, I found that the CDC has officially identified over a hundred illnesses that can be directly linked to bed bug sprays. Please remember that this guide is not meant to scare you away from using sprays for bed bugs.
Step 3: Monitor the situation and react immediately by repeating step 2 if you find any bed bugs in the future.
I also recommend that you vacuum your carpets and throw all your linen (sheets, etc.) into the washing machine for a hot cycle. While The Bug Squad doesn’t sell any products (or have a specific bias towards any specific brand), we understand that many of our readers will be wondering where they can buy bedbug sprays. Home Depot (online store) also has some good sprays for bed bugs and I encourage you to check them out for more details. If you would rather purchase it from a local retailer (such as Walmart or Target), that’s also perfectly fine.
Yep, you read correctly, The Bug Squad has its own natural bed bug repellent that can be made at home and has proven to be rather effective for keeping these pests away. Step 1: Grab a bottle that has a top attachment which will produce a fine water “mist” when you spray it (nothing fancy, as long as it doesn’t squirt out in a steam of water). In conclusion, bed bug sprays are not that good for killing bedbugs as they usually need direct contact to have any effect. I’m pretty sure DE (diatomaceous earth) is an effective natural and eco-friendly manner to get rid of bed bugs.
To make the selection process easy, we offer complete bed bug kits containing top-rated professional-strength sprays and powder. STERI-FAB is a fast-acting, alcohol-based killer that’s safe for use on upholstery and many other soft fabrics.
Bedlam Plus is better suited for picture frames, wall hangings, and drapes, while JT Eaton Plus is better for bed frames, upholstered furniture, and floors and baseboards.
Since most bed bug sprays require direct contact with the insects, it’s critical that you spray it directly onto them.

When exposed to it, they are often sent into hiding (they will crawl, remember that bed bugs cannot fly), which can make them even harder to get rid of in the long term, especially if you have a large house with lots of carpets, etc. As a result, it’s very possible that you will miss some of them during your extermination efforts. If these are not attended to, you will have another bed bug problem in a couple weeks so it’s critical to kill them as well. I am just pointing out that these bug treatments are not as effective as many think they are. However, since most bedbug sprays contain insecticide, some of them can be potentially toxic if you inhale the fumes and for this reason I highly recommend that you leave the room for at least 6 hours after application. Also remember that you should never directly spray your clothes, pets or the members of your family! I will be showing you how to use a spray later in this guide but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the safety label of your product! Additionally, keep in mind that you may need to leave the item (such as a bed) unused for a period of time before using it again as previously mentioned. As a result, I thought that it would be useful for my readers if I outline a few steps that will ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.
It’s very important to kill all the bed bugs to prevent a repeat infestation and the last thing you need is to run out in the middle of application. I find that focusing your effects around the edges of the bed is very effective as this is where they often congregate (look out for the tell-tale brown marks).
I find that repeating this entire process once per week (for a month) will improve your success rate for overall bed bug control.
If you have any other items that have come into contact with bed bugs, make sure that you wash or treat those as well (if it’s safe of course, you don’t want to spray your kids favorite play toy for example). It seems that they are a little cheaper but remember that your primary objective should be to find a quality product, not just the lowest price. However, please note that it’s not meant to kill them, it’s only really for your bed and it’s a very temporary solution. We have found that washing 1st doesn’t always solve the problem and can spread some of these pests to the next load of laundry.
It uses a safe and non-toxic formula which can penetrate through fabric.Using FabriClear you can eliminate bed bugs that are found in your home, office, hotels or the hospital. JT Eaton uses natural pyrethrin that can kill bed bugs that are resistant to many synthetic compounds.
That’s why we also want to use residual sprays, which kill slower but are effective for several weeks.
If you need to treat more rooms, you’ll need more spray and powder, so we offer the 3-4 room kit for larger residences. To make matters worse, they can multiply rather quickly so it’s in our best interests to get rid of bed bugs fast. So if you manage to find these pests and bombard them with the contents of your new shiny bed bug treatment product, they will probably die. Some studies have shown that bed bugs become even more active when exposed to certain pesticides!
Since bed bugs have a fast reproductive process, even leaving a couple around your home can result in another infestation, making all your efforts to kill them a waste of time (and money). If you are determined to get a bedbug spray, just make sure it contains an IGR (insect growth regulator) that will stop their life cycle. If you have a small case of bed bugs and you catch it in the early stages, a spray would be a good bed bug killer for your bedroom. I understand that there are a number of “Eco-Friendly” options on the market but you should always use any indoor pest control product with caution.

I highly recommend that you spend at least 25min per room as you don’t want to miss any bedbugs. Removing the clutter from the room will also help you find and potentially kill bed bugs where they might have potentially been missed. Regardless of your choice, just make sure that the product has some good pest control reviews, kills bed bug eggs and can be used indoors and you should be good. Despite this, it can definitely give you some short-term peace of mind and is a great solution for hotel beds (while traveling) and other places like these. These sprays don’t have any major health risks (as long as you use them correctly) and if you want to try one at home, just make sure that you follow the instructions on the label and read over the steps recorded in this article. In India we still use some of the harsh insecticides because its the only thing that really works.
We are constantly taking over contracts from hotels and vacation rental companies in our area because the chemicals just are not working. It is my understanding that it is difficult to drown a bedbug in the short period of time during a wash cycle. I also appreciate the tips that you have shared in your comment, they will definitely be beneficial to my readers (I also learned a couple things ). If you’re a professional looking to treat multiple homes, our commercial kit includes enough spray and powder to treat up to eight units. If you are reading this, it’s very likely that you have considered trying a bed bug spray in your home and have wondered if it’s effective for controlling bed bugs. However, if you have a large infestation and you are getting a number of bed bug bites, its best to call an exterminator to help you as it’s almost impossible to do it completely by yourself. For more tips, check out my other guide on killing bed bugs in bedrooms and other parts of your house. Instead of providing a link to a specific product, I recommend that you type “bed bug spray” into the search field and order by ratings to find a decent product for your needs.
I have had a few queries about using rubbing alcohol to kill bedbugs and although it does work (when directly applied), I personally hate the smell so it’s not really an option for me. If you are just looking for a repellent for a short term solution, I highly recommend that you give my one a try as it’s very effective. Thanks for sharing it with us though, appreciate your input and contribution to The Bug Squad.
By reiterating many times that chemicals just don’t work like they used to, I am glad to see someone in the bedbug industry actually wants to let everyone know that. I have left the link in your name intact so that others may find your website as my way of saying thank you for the value you have added to my article. After hot washing your bedding, clothes, etc, use it once a day on your entire room (beds, carpets, curtains, etc.). In this article, I will make sure these questions are answered and will teach you everything you need to know, which includes a simple, DIY bed bug repellent spray that you can make at home.
When I am travelling (mainly for business), I often take a natural bed bug repellent that I will talk about a little later. If you feel that you are losing the battle against these pests, please feel free to drop me a message and I will organize a free quote from an exterminator in your local area.
While it doesn’t kill them, it deters them which is all you really need for the short time period that you spend in the hotel room.
If this doesnt work, get an exterminator and then followup with the steamer, that will almost guarentee that they will be removed.

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