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Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer kills bed bugs on contact and is made with all natural ingredients like essential geranium oil. When you have bed bugs you want to get rid of them fast, going to bed can literally be a nightmare when you know they are just waiting to feast on you and your family. The spray is odorless and non staining so you can apply it directly to your sheets, mattress and bedding to kill bed bugs on site.

Spray is safe for kids and pets and the organic, non-toxic ingredients put your mind at ease, which is what you need when you are already stressed. If you have kids and pets you don’t want to use toxins especially on surfaces like your mattress that you spend so many hours on each night. Apply as acoarse, low-pressure spray to harborage areas including crevices,baseboards, loose plaster, behind bed frames and headboards,beneath beds and furniture, and to bedsprings and bed frames.Do not apply to furniture surfaces or mattresses where people willbe laying or sitting.

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