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That's not from bug bites, it looks like a shingles rash (caused by reactivation of the virus that causes chicken pox). There are also other topical lotions and creams that can be applied to the rash to stop the itch.
Everyone reacts differently to bed bug bites but the typical reaction is small, red, raised, itchy bumps.
Bed Bugs Plague An Apartment Complex In Maine, My Cleaning Products Says Bed Bug Bully Could Help Anyone Kill Bed Bugs …Bed bugs were scourging an apartment complex in Maine, said a report. Bed Bug Problem Plaguing Downtown Montgomery ApartmentsBed bugs continue to invade a Montgomery apartment complex and residents say they're fed up. Lawrence City Pushes New Policy To Fight Bed Bugs, My Cleaning Products Suggests A Bed Bug Spray To Help Residents …New policy to counter bed bugs set to be approved in Lawrence City, said a report.

Bed Bugs Continue To Be A Pest For Commercial FacilitiesAfter decades of dormancy bed bugs made a comeback five years ago and have been a severe pain in the side of commercial facilities and pest management professionals ever since. But that looks a lot more like a rash or irritation from something, or even possibly shingles.
It is important to note that roughly 70% of people do not react to bed bug bites, when first bitten.
All studies conducted to date indicate that there is no evidence to suggest that bed bugs are capable of transferring disease from one person to another. In order to help the residents and the rest of the public, My Cleaning Products recommended the use of a pesticide-exempt spray to kill bed bugs fast and safe. WSFA received reports of residents at the Jefferson Davis Apartments suffering from bleeding sores on their arms after being attacked by bed bugs in their sleep.

My Cleaning Products suggested a pesticide-exempt bed bug spray to help the residents clear the pest without risking their health. I also have bites on my back that look completely different and I had beg bugs a week ago so I think those are just bed bug bites. Although some bed bug bites do not leave any marks, others can produce small red bumps or rashes. If a rash persists or becomes infected you should contact your doctor or a medical professional immediately.

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