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Lou Sorkin has some interesting new close-up photos of first instar bed bug nymphs feeding on his hand. On the right is a group of 3 nymphs, the one in the center has begun to feed and it is now red (blood shows through its pale skin) and partially full of blood. It’s important to remember that people react differently to bed bug bites (and even to bites at different times or on different parts of their bodies).
Thanks to Lou Sorkin for sharing his knowledge and photos of bed bugs so generously with all of us!

What I described was my reaction to bites from bed bugs, these were from young nymphs, at least first instar nymphs. Great photos I tried the same thing with adult bugs just to see what my reaction would be and had very little reaction at all.
If you have something living on your skin which needs to be scraped off, this does not sound like bed bugs. The light colored raised areas on the left side of the hand have resulted from bed bug feeding within the last hour.

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