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The City of Chicago has recently been named the nation’s #1 city infested with bed bugs.  Everyday MTO’s tenants’ rights hotline receives calls from renters throughout the City and suburbs dealing with the pesky pests. On June 5, 2013, the City Council passed an ordinance aimed at putting an end to the spread of bed bugs. As you will see in the bed bug pictures below, bed bug bites actually look very similar to a mosquito bite or spider bite. Bed Bugs are often transported into a dwelling on or in items such as used or discarded box springs, clothing, furniture, purses and luggage. Bed Bugs can also travel (migrate) from room to room or apartment to apartment by moving along electrical wiring, pipes and other conduits if there is no food source present.
If you suspect you may have Bed Bugs, inspect all the folds and crevices of mattresses and bed frames where Bed Bugs like to hide. When Bed Bugs feed, they inject their beak into the skin and their saliva acts as an anticoagulant to bring up the bloodmeal. Do not bring materials into a new location or from a location where Bed Bugs may have been present or are a current issue.

Treating materials that are infested with Bed Bugs by using cold temperatures (below 0oC) is NOT an effective method for control as the temperatures need to be well below what normal household freezers can provide. Mattress Encasements, registered for Bed Bugs, can be used to trap Bed Bug stages and their eggs in the mattress allowing the owner to keep their mattress without having to replace it.
Bed Bug moats, pitfall traps or water and oil placed in a tin can with the bedpost will show evidence of Bed Bugs. When traveling take precautions by inspecting the room and furniture for bed bugs or signs of bed bugs. Remove and destroy wild animal roosts and bird nest when possible if located within the home, if Bat Bugs are identified. There is normally a red welt which appears in a linear formation as the bed bug tends to feed in the same area on the host. Being able to identify bed bugs in the first step in knowing if you have an infestation on your hands. So if a room or home is vacated, it does not mean that the Bed Bug problem has been resolved due to their migration or by entering a hibernation like state until a host returns.

You can monitor Bed Bug activity using double-sided sticky tape or glue boards and inspecting them daily. Bed Bugs are easily and commonly transported from location to location on anything that can hold or hide bed bugs.
Use caulking along baseboards and for any openings that a bed bug may use to travel from dwelling to dwelling. Bed bud bites will often appear right away but in some cases could be delayed by 3 or 4 days.
Bed Bugs leave dark reddish brown fecal matter in the areas where they have fed or their waste material during post feeding.

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