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Heat and Go TreatmentsThe key to a successful treatment is organising the room and furniture so that our heaters and fans create convection heat to ensure full heat penetration. SERVICE THROUGHOUT THE UK FOR ALL TYPES OF PREMISES: HOTELS CARE HOMES RESIDENCES CINEMAS TRANSPORTATION HOSTELS ETC. Our 10KW mobile heaters will steadily increase the temperatures in the rooms until the correct temperature is achieved to kill the Beg Bugs and their eggs.

Wireless temperature probes will be strategically placed to provide consistent feedback to our Technicians who will make adjustments as necessary until the correct temperature for death of Bed Bug and Bed Bug eggs has been achieved.
Power for the standard 240 volt heaters is generated by our van mounted 40 KVA silenced generator. Within 6 to 9 hours we will have set up, convection heat treated, monitored, eradicated and gone with your rooms ready for occupation.

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