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Bed Bug 911™ is a New York City and New York State Certified Women-owned Business Enterprise WBE as well as a proud WBENC-Certified beneficiary. We care about stopping your bed bug infestation in its tracks as much as you do so we have pioneered the three-step method of Preparation, Extermination and Prevention.
We find the nesting spots of the bed bugs, remove clutter, bag all laundry and dry cleaning, sort personal items, and then eradicate the bed bugs and educate you on the best prevention techniques in the industry that you have to choose from.
Our pest control extermination services for bed bugs as well rodents, mice, rats, and cockroaches are highly effective, helping to prevent bed bugs from coming back.
With over two decades of experience, our knowledgeable, courteous and prompt staff are dedicated to the extermination of those relentless Manhattan bed bugs. We're the experts at getting rid of bed bugs in NYC, the 5 boroughs, New Jersey and the entire New York area.
We are proud to say that Bed bug 911 is the only bed bugs extermination agency that provides complete Bed Bug removal services. Our bed bug extermination process consists of three steps - Cleaning (Prep), Treatment (extermination) and Prevention (planning). Bedbug911 was established as a separate company when it became obvious to Nicole Levine, that her company, Home Clean Home (HCH), was being overwhelmed with job orders for bed bugs treatment.

Bed bugs feed between 3 and 5 in the early morning hours, when usually their hosts are sound asleep.
If you’re looking to reclaim your right to sleep soundly, getting rid of bed bugs in your home is vital.
Trying to get rid of bed bugs, is a process that takes time and effort, and can be extremely trying on a person, both mentally and physically. All of the items that are picked up and delivered are treated at our own state of the art facility that has been specifically designed to treat bed bug infested garments. Bed Bug 911™ is the licensed exterminator branch of Home Clean Home (HCH), a veteran of commercial and residential cleaning services as well as an eco-friendly janitorial product manufacturer. Residential and commercial clients, using HCH for their cleaning and maintenance needs were experiencing a bed bug infestation that was spreading throughout New York in proportions not seen since the 50’s.
All machines at our facility are treated after each use to ensure that bed bugs do not make it back to your premises.
The NYC bed bug resurgence in the last decade necessitated the creation of this specialized licensed branch. We recommend following up at least once a week, depending on the severity of the infestation, but we will come back as often as needed in order to accomplish our goal -  the complete eradication of your bed bug infestation, without harming adults, children, pets or your living environment.

One of the major reasons why bed bugs breed in and around your bed is because they require a host in order to survive.
That’s why we have a fully integrated laundry service to take that huge worry off of your plate. At Bed Bug 911 we pride ourselves on being the industry leaders in bed bug laundry in the Manhattan and the greater NYC area. Here at BedBug911, we care about our customer and we will stick with you until we get rid of each and every bed bug.
It takes real professionals and hard-earned experience to make sure your home and spaces come out bed bug free. Our expert bed bug exterminators know that every infestation is different in its own way so we tailor our comprehensive approach of bed bug preparation, extermination and prevention to the specific needs of each individual case.

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