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Some individuals report severe adverse reactions to bites, others have no reaction at all, and some have a mild reaction. Doctors often misdiagnose those afflicted because it is nearly impossible to tell, if you are experiencing an allergic reaction, what bit you.
If you have been bitten and have any reaction at all, the first step is to wash the affected area with warm soap and water. Once you have determined that you have an infestation, there are many places in the bedroom that should be checked. They also have the ability to travel beyond the bedroom, so all adjoining rooms should be checked for infestation. First, remove all affected areas such as bed linens, clothing, sheets and pillowcases and wash them in borax. The same borax and enzyme cleaning measures need to be taken for a bat bug infestation, but it is likely that the first treatment may rid you of this problem.
Do not unpack on carpet, as eggs and the bugs can immediately attach themselves in camouflaged areas. Thyme oil may discourage the bugs, but oils have not been proven to be effective in their extermination. Of course, if you continue to be bitten, it is positively certain that you still have a problem. I have had one bite in threes which cleared up in days and an occasional acne looking sore on my but and arm.
My husband works for a garbage company (this is how we think the invasion started) and at the moment they are localized to our bedroom and our bathroom. I recently stayed in a motel and woke up in the morning with a bunch of bites on my stomach but nowhere else.

Although their bites appear quite similar, you can tell you’re dealing with fleas if the bites are mostly concentrated around the ankle and lower legs. Mosquitoes are another bloodsucking bug that leaves bites commonly mistaken for bed bug bites. This is why many victims of mosquito bites wake up thinking they’ve been bitten by bed bugs.
Bed bug bites are generally hard and red, and don’t ooze or itch quite as badly as mosquito bites do. The quickest way to confirm or eliminate the possibility of a bed bug infestation is to check your sheets and mattress after you’ve discovered bites.
Specs of black and brown, especially around the head of the bed, indicate the presence of bed bugs. Lifting the sheet, you might be able to spot the bed bugs themselves, or their eggs, in the seams and folds of the mattress. For some reason unknown to scientists, the majority of people over 65 do not have a reaction to bites whatsoever.
While potentially harmful to humans, DDT was very effective at wiping out bed bug populations. Evidence of the infestation extends beyond your mattress; you should thoroughly examine behind walls and wallpaper, seams of upholstered furniture, electrical outlets, under wall-to-wall carpeting, and bed frames.
This will kill a majority of the bed bug population and prevent them from being tracked into the dwelling again. Make sure the room is not adjacent to the room you just evacuated, as the bugs can easily travel through thin walls.
Unpacking them and storing them in dresser drawers at the hotel may open up an opportunity for the bugs to get in your clothing.

If it is already too late and you have brought your luggage into the home, unpack on a smooth surface like cement or hardwood flooring that is of a light color, so you can see the bugs easily. This is because mosquito bites cause a delayed reaction – you can get bitten up during the day, but the bites themselves might not appear until the nighttime or the following morning. Since the irritation and welting appears as the result of an allergic reaction, it is possible to not even know that you were bitten at all. Take everything apart in the infested room, including the bed, drawers, and all other objects. Transmission is possible simply by the visit of a friend or worker into your home; they need not be staying overnight or sleeping in a bed to transmit the bugs. Bed bugs do not have to be a permanent problem, if all the above instructions are implicitly followed.
All stages of the common bed bug, from nymphs to adults, can survive for up to five days in temperatures of fourteen degrees Fahrenheit.
Vacuuming alone can remove up to 95% of fleas, while our bed bug killing spray is also effective against fleas. Even so, bedding and mattresses treated with chemicals such as borax or Comet should be left outside to dry naturally in the sun, then wrapped in plastic before next use, so as not to irritate the skin. I have checked my cat for flees and bought her a flee collar as I am thinking the stinging bites I get in the day may be from flees but no itch or real marks.

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