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BEDBUG BITES PICTURES: Bed bug often bite on the neck, face, hands, feet and back areas of the body. If you are seeing bites everywhere and wondering, what do bed bug bites look like, have a look at the bed bug bite pictures below.
When the bed bugs have reached the arms, there is no reason why they shouldn’t continue to the hands. Bed Bug Life Cycle StagesUnderstanding various bed bug life cycle stages is important for homeowners to understand exactly where these pests hide. They illustrate how bed bug bites look on different parts of the body, making it much easier to identify the bites.

The bed bug bite pictures are meant as a guidance that should be used to eliminate other common insect bites. Remember that your bed bug bites may look different than the ones on these images, these are just examples. Either way, if you are unsure about where the bites come from, I suggest you see your doctor about it. Write a comment below if you need help determining if you have been bitten by bed bugs or some other insect. Please note that allergic reactions and a few other insect bites can look exactly like bed bug bites, so you shouldn’t make this your only step in identifying the bite.

You are also very welcome to submit your own bed bug bite pictures, like many of our other members have already done.
Have a look at the bed bug bite pictures below and see if they look similar to your own bites.
If you have been bitten by bed bugs, then you should start bed bug bite treatment as soon as possible.

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