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The Bed Bug Beacon should be used in unoccupied rooms only, as the CO2 production from the device may not effectively compete with amounts produced by a human. We cannot accept returns on bed bug items after they have left our warehouse due to the possibility of spreading bed bugs.
The gas is then released through the tube and out at the pitfall trap, which bed bugs can easily climb into but cannot escape. This may be especially useful in unused bedrooms in homes, in apartment buildings, and in hotels. Place CO2 PRODUCTION CHAMBER on floor or on flat level surface in the area to be monitored. Place pitfall monitor close to any known bedbug harborage or areas likely to have bedbug activity (baseboards, furniture, mattress, headboard, etc.).
Two sets of CO2 packets are included to produce a total of approximately 11 days of monitoring.

The Bed Bug Beacon is most effective when used in unoccupied rooms so that human-created heat and CO2 does not compete with the trap.
It's uncertain whether the device did not work or that my previous efforts to eradicate the bugs were just that effective. I have not yet been bit, but I have found two very small black things on my mattress that may have been bugs. Larger rooms will require multiple units, and the Beacon should be placed close to suspected areas of infestation, such as along baseboards and in corners.
I tested my feeling using this product in two places in my apartment and there were no bed bugs in the device during the time I had it in place - over 10 days in both places.
You should also note that the Bedbug Beacon works best when it is used in rooms that are not occupied by people or pets.
Using this product I was able to catch two bugs in the second week of monitoring rooms I had vacated for this test.

If you are not sure if your home is infested and it is occupied you may want to consider having a professional pest control operator inspect the rooms that you suspect may have bedbugs. Unfortunately the first thermal treatment was not fully effective as I set these monitors up right afterwards and caught two bugs after one week.
With the Bed Bug Beacon I have had no issues claiming my 30 day guarantee on the second treatment because I have proof. I will continue to use this product until I know my infestation is gone and I would recommend them to anyone who is concerned that they may have a bed bug problem.

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