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Spiders at Spiderzrule - the best site in the world about spiders, redbacks, huntsmen, garden orb weaver, funnel web, black widow, recluse, hobo spider, daddy long legs. Now I need to go out and try to get a photograph of the spider wasp that was hunting for spiders this morning.
This sad photo comes to us courtesy of arachnologist extraordinaire Sarah Crews, who snapped the unfortunate little lizard (or fortunate spider, depending on your perspective) in Parque del Este in the Dominican Republic.
Cupiennius spiders are nocturnal sit-and-wait predators; typically, they will leave their daytime refugia soon after sunset and establish themselves in head-down ambush positions on the trunks of trees and shrubs, waiting to nab anything climbing towards them. A caveat concerning images of predation: although photos of predation fairly met are occasionally captured, and I personally have no reservations concerning the validity of those shown here, an alarming number of nature photographers are in the habit of feeding one animal to another in the interest of capturing the most lurid imagery.
The black widow spider is a part of the Thesidiidae family that contains about 31 known species of poisonous spiders. The spider is one of the most fascinating insects for humans, because of their capacity to create nets, and because of their unusual and unique methods to hunt.
The colors of the giant huntsman spider are at least interesting, with several dark sports on the back, and with its dark bands on the legs. The goliath bird eating spider is a type of tarantula considered as the second place in the world in terms if sizes. Female black widows lay their eggs in drop-shaped silken bags hidden around flower pots or boards.

Tags: baby black widows, black widow hatchlings, black widow spiders on June 27, 2012 by Roberta. Two on the top row, four on the bottom row.The amazing thing about Black Widow development, is how many different designs they go through to reach adulthood. I myself have observed a baby anole dangling in a spider web in a limestone pothole in the Bahamas, and there are a smattering of reports in the literature, including an A. Our goal is to disseminate new scientific research, natural history anecdotes, and a wide range of other anole-related information. Their common name is the black widow spider, being applied to all the species, including the ones where the male is not devoured by the female after mating.
The capacity of spiders to create nets that serve as a home, but also as a hunting area is fascinating.
The camel spider became known during the Iraqi war, when US soldiers described it as a giant creature that runs after people. If you think about the biggest spider in the world, you might think about the tarantula, but a few people know that the biggest spider is in fact the Japanese spider crab. Although its bite has very potent venom damaging to the nervous system, the effects on each individual are quite variable, unless you’re a male black widow. Many legends talked about huge spiders that used to kill humans, and about the poisonous spiders that are able to kill people.

The Brazilian wandering spider is distinguished from other species because of the hair that it has on its legs. This spider was named goliath bird eating spider by the Victorian explorers, which assisted when such a spider devoured a Calibri bird in a few seconds.
You can see the beginnings on one of the shots.The other way is their web, which in the case of the Black Widow, is extremely strong, and very disorganized looking. Some species of spiders are able to kill a person in a matter of seconds, so if you live in an area where you know that there are poisonous spiders, make sure to take cautions. They are not even aggressive, so if you happen to see one, you should try to take a photo of it instead of running away from it. Indeed, I vaguely recall a fine example of scientific entrepreneurship, when a spider guy and a lizard guy teamed up to produce two papers from one such observation, publishing in a herp journal a paper with the theme “anole eaten by spider” and an arachnological journal entry with the tag line “spider eats anole.” Now, that’s maximizing research output!
It is almost impossible for an insect to escape from such a trap, especially because the spiders are skilled at immobilizing the insects that were caught in the net. It is considered the largest spider in the Middle East, and one of the legendary animals in this area.

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